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Kathy Arnold
myselfInstructor,  Art Art Studio and Art History 
Phone: 408.741.2510 email: http://www.wvm.edu/email.php?contact=1012400  
Please feel free to contact me if you have questions on any courses. Course textbook info is listed at http://westvalley.edu/faculty/arnold.html .
Info on adding: Please come to class the first day to see if there are spots available. Or sign up on the waitlist.


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Art History Courses:

Art1J Nonwestern Art Survey
Art 001E Design in Society, an exploration of Visual Culture
Art 01A Survey of Western Art: Prehistoric through Gothic
Art 01B Survey of Western Art: Renaissance to current
Art 004 Art Appreciation, On Campus and Online
Art 1G History of Photography
(includes digital and video)
Art 1A, Online section of Survey of Western Art 2008, 2013
Art 10: American Art: A Multicultural Approach Online
Honors Art 1B Survey of Western Art: Renaissance to Present
Art 7 History of Asian Art

Art Studio Courses:
Art 31 A Beginning Drawing
Art 31 B Expressive Drawing
Art 49A, Beginning Painting
Art 49 B, C, D, Intermediate and Advanced Painting
Art 33A 2D Design
Art 33C Color Design

Gallery Management Workshop/Lab:
Art 3A, Gallery Workshop/Lab




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