Jay Baker, MLIS
Instructor / Librarian
West Valley College / Mission College
jay_baker at wvm dot edu

I teach Library 4: Information Competency at West Valley College and Library 10 at
Mission College. All class materials are available through the ANGEL Online Course 
System.  If you are enrolled in one of my sections, please log in to ANGEL to view 
your course materials.

About Me

I received a Master's in Library and Information Science (MLIS) from UCLA.  For almost
15 years, I have been an information competency instructor.  Prior to West Valley
College and Mission College, I taught information competency courses at Santa Monica
College and at the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies.  In 
addition to acting as an instructor, I provided information technology consulting
for many educational institutions and non-profits in the Los Angeles area including 
the J. Paul Getty Trust & Museum, West Los Angeles College and the Harbor-UCLA Medical
Center.  I'm an internet old timer as my first internet experience started in 1990 when
the internet was orange characters on a black background of either a VAX or UNIX terminal.