Two-Dimensional Design, 33A

Fall 2002

T, Th 7:45 am -10:55 am, AL 9


INSTRUCTOR: Heidi Brueckner


OFFICE HOURS: T, Th 2:05-3:15 PM, F 7:00-7:40 AM. Office is AL2. If you plan to come see me on a Tuesday, it is best to make an appointment ahead of time. Sometimes I will need to have my Tuesday office hours on Thursdays for an extended hour.


PHONE/VOICEMAIL/EMAIL: Please dial (408) 741-2472 --OR--


COURSE OBJECTIVES: The main goal of this course is to give you solid foundational skills in the basic principles, elements, and terminology of design. You will learn how to make a compositionally sound 2-dimensional image working from observation and imagination. This class also teaches you to use your creativity to solve problems. The knowledge gained from this class can be applied to many art forms. You will explore design through a variety of materials and techniques as well as learning to articulate an understanding of the subject vocally and through written work. Eventually through serious study you will discover how to to express your ideas with more power.


INSTRUCTIONAL TOPICS & METHODS: Some of the terms discussed and applied will include: form, space, shape, line texture, value, color (mixing and theory), repetition, rhythm, variety, balance, emphasis, economy, proportion, and unity.


Some of the materials and techniques discussed and applied will include: graphite, ink, collage (with paper, found objects, xerox), paint, application of paint, frottage, and mixed media.


Students will be encouraged to become self-critical and therefore more self-reliant through critiques and class discussions. Critiques will be used as a way to increase vocabulary related to design and aesthetics, increase confidence in verbal communication, and as a method of alternating the creative process with analysis. Note: participating in critiques is critical part of achieving a good grade in this class.


ATTENDANCE: Attendance is mandatory and roll will be taken during each class. Please note you are allowed two absences this semester which will not affect your grade. Your final grade may drop a half a grade for each subsequent absence. More than five absences may result in dropping you from the course.


Occasionally, an excused absence will be granted, but only under extreme and documented circumstances. If possible let me know ahead of time if you will be absent.


Arriving late and leaving early is unacceptable and will affect your grade. You will miss critical information and disturb other students who are drawing or listening to lecture. Please note for every tardy or early departure you incur, 1% can be taken off of your final grade.


I accept make-up assignments but they do not generally "erase" your absences. If you miss class, it is your responsibility to call or visit me during office hours to get informed about what you missed. I do not repeat lectures.


CLASS WITHDRAWAL: It is the student's responsibility to withdraw from the class by submitting a drop card to the Admissions Office.The last day to drop without a "W" notation is September 21. The last day to drop with a "W" is November 23.


CLASSROOM RESPONSIBILITIES: You must be set up and prepared to draw by 10:55 AM. Please no cell phones!!! Please no walkmen!!! We will have a 20 minute break in the middle of class. Please treat everyone with respect at all times. Please note disruptive or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. A student may be asked to drop the course for this reason.


It is your responsibility to alert me if you do not understand something in the daily course content. Please be aware the goal you should set for yourself in this course is to do the absolute best work you can. Not everyone will finish this class doing A work, but the goal is to improve your skill level by the end of the course. If you ever have a concern about anything please let me know.


CLASS WORK, HOMEWORK: Work for this class will consist of in-class work AND outside work. Expect to do at least 3 hours of additional work per week. Each project will have a due date. Please refer to the syllabus for dates. Please note that these dates may change. I will always give you due dates in class as well.


FINAL: The final exam meeting is Tuesday, December 17, 7:30-9:30am. It will consist of a final critique of the final project. This meeting is mandatory.


GRADING: Grade options are: A, B, C, D, F, W, I, CR/NC. In-class work and outside work will make up the main portion of your grade. Final meeting is mandatory. Much of your grade will be based on the quality and improvement of your work, the completeness of your work, the meeting of deadlines, work ethic, and following directions (90%). Attitude, willingness to act on constructive criticism, and participation during critiques will affect your grade as well (10%). Please note as explained above, attendance and punctuality will affect your overall grade. Assignments will be graded down for each day late. If you are absent on a day outside work is assigned, be sure to contact someone in the class so that you may turn it in on time. Absence before an assignment is due is not an excuse for turning work in late.


STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: Any student who has a disability that may affect class performance should contact me privately as soon as possible.




University Art Warehouse, San Jose

456 Meridian Ave



University Art Warehouse, Palo Alto



Aaron Brothers

944 Blossom Hill Rd.: 578-2430

725 Sunnyvale-Saratoga Rd.: 738-0332



Westgate Shopping

on Saratoga Ave.



Amsterdam Art

1013 University Avenue, Berkeley



Amsterdam Art

5424 Geary Bl., San Francisco



Utrecht Art Supply

1909 University Avenue, Berkeley



The Art Store

811 University Avenue






two Sharpie permanent markers: one thin, one thick*

conte crayons, white and black (4B better, 2B ok)*

1 charcoal pencil (4B)*

HB, 4B graphite pencil (one each)*

1 small jar india ink*

1 sm. (size "0" or "1"), 1 medium synthetic sable brushes*

several pieces of illustration board (we will be cutting up and using small medium and large sizes from these)*

1 eraser*

x-acto knife*

old jar*

rags or paper towels*

box or bin to hold materials*

several sheets or one pad of tracing paper

white palette or white surface to use as palette

glue stick


one tube black gouache paint (windsor newton is good and also expensive)

one tube white gouache paint

lots of magazines



2 colors of gouache (I will be more specific about what to get later)

Recommended Text: Design Basics by David Lauer & Stephen Pentak, Harcourt College, 2000


*Bring these items starting Thursday, September 5.


You should have the rest of these items by Thursday, September 12. You will be responsible for bringing them all to every class meeting (except the tracing paper, magazines, and color gouache). Coming to class without the proper materials will affect your grade.


Note: Additional materials may be required as needed.