Proposed Course Title:     LS 001 Learning Strategies                                                  


Course Pre-requisites:   None                                                                           


Modes of Delivery: Asynchronous:             50%     Classroom Instruction:           50%


Platform Software Package (e.g., WebCT, Blackboard, First Class): WebCT         


            E-mail:           WWW:                            


CD-ROM:                          Printed text:          Essential Study Skills, Linda Wong


            Video Cassette:             Audio Cassette:                        Interactive Video Disc:           


            Video Conferencing:                    Telephone: (408)741-2450      Chat:  


            Other: Learning Strategies Syllabus (Self-Developed Book of Materials)                                                


Course Topics (short list): Goal Setting, Time Management, Listening and Note taking, Memory, Textbook Reading, Paper Writing/Library, Test Taking, Concentration/Learning Styles, Stress Management.                                                                                       


Expected Student Outcomes (short list): Students will learn the course topics and successfully apply them to their content classes and everyday lives.



Rationale for Offering/Taking/Teaching This Course Online:    


This course is designed to provide learning strategies for Learning Disabled students and students in need of study skills to promote academic success in college level classes.                                             



Number of Sessions/Weeks/Hours/Credits: 29 sessions/16weeks/52hours/3 units    (Compressed Schedule)

Subsequent Appropriate Courses:         College Level Classes                                                          




At the conclusion of this course, students will be expected to:


(1) Correctly identify with at least 70% accuracy on tests, quizzes, and homework assignments with learning strategy concepts.


(2) Correctly adapt learning strategies during practice sessions with at least 70% accuracy.


(3) Meaningfully review and apply learning strategies when approaching academic studies.


(4) Demonstrate through class discussions, tests, and homework assignments a thorough understanding of learning strategies.


(5) Successfully apply learning strategies to a content course by utilizing appropriate study skills.


(6) Correctly use study skill vocabulary appropriate for the online educational environment during discussions and on tests and homework assignments.


(7) Engage in collaborative learning with classmates concerning student projects and discussions.


(8) Express interest in pursuing further study in academic classes during class discussions.


(9) Utilize the Internet to access class activities for web-based instruction.                                                                                                                                           

(10) Successfully apply learning strategies to their everyday lives.                                                                                                                                            






            In this sixteen-week course, students learn and apply learning strategies in order to increase their effectiveness, both in the classroom and in day-to-day life activities. Major subjects include: goal setting, time management, listening and note taking skills, memory techniques, reading improvement, test taking skills, improving concentration, learning styles and stress management. This course is designed to provide students with disabilities and students needing to become academically proficient, with needed skills to order to ensure their success in college and their everyday lives. This course will present students with opportunities to practice learned skills in their content classes. The teaching model will utilize both the classroom and Distance Learning format. This course is West Valley College AA/AS Degree and Certificate applicable.


Session 1:                 An introduction to the course will be given, previewing the subjects to be covered. Students will meet in class to find out three interesting things about them, so they will introduce partners at next session. They will also obtain three phone numbers from classmates.


Session 2:                 Students introduce their classmates. Discussion of campus services will begin.  Homework will include purchasing the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI)


Session 3:                 Continuation of Campus Services Discussion and introduce ideas about “What it takes to be a Successful Student? Homework: Buy materials


Session 4:                 LASSI completed in class with discussion following.

 Homework : Syllabus                        


Session 5:                 In-class demonstration of Learning Strategies Website: including chapter profiles, reflective writings, case studies, interactive activities, and links. Homework: students complete one of the above activities and e-mail it.


Session 6:     Continuation of demonstration in computer lab where each student has their own computer. Each student begins to access website using organizer pages, to navigate website. Homework: Read Chapter.


Session 7:     In-class lecture on goal setting. Students are grouped to work on correcting poorly written goals from syllabus. Homework: online case studies and chapter reading with online writings.                                                                                              



Session 8:     One-Minute Paper Review. Quiz: Goal Setting, Lecture Time Management Skills.

Homework: Syllabus and online forms.         


Session 9:     Continuation of Time Management Lecture. Group work with Time Management Skills. Homework: Online Case Studies                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Session 10: Time Management Project and Procrastination Lecture. Homework: Profile


Session 11:  In-class group work on procrastination and project. Homework: Readings.


Session 12:  One Minute Paper Review, Quiz: Time Management. Listening and Note taking Lecture. Game show demonstration. Homework: Online activities.


Session 13:  Cornell Note taking System Lecture and mapping exercises. Class group work.  

                        Homework: Lecture notes from content class and online exercises. Readings.


Session 14:  One Minute Paper Review, Quiz: Listening and note taking. Memory Lecture.          

Homework: Online case studies and syllabus worksheets.


Session 15:  Memory class group work. Homework: Online Writings. Readings. 


Session 16:  One Minute Paper Review, Quiz: Memory. Textbook Reading Video.

                        Homework: Syllabus and online exercises.


Session 17:  Textbook Reading Lecture, class group work with textbooks. Homework: online case studies. Readings.


Session 18: One Minute Paper Review, Quiz: Textbook Readings. Paper Writing slides presentation. Homework: Syllabus and online writings.


Session 19:   Paper writing lecture. In class group practice with thesis statements. Homework: Online exercises.


Session 20:  Library tour. Homework: Sign-up for home library connections and library access practice sheets. Readings.


Session 21:  One Minute Paper review, Quiz: Library and research. Test taking Lecture. Homework: Syllabus and online exercises.


Session 22:  Class group work on test strategies. Homework: online case studies. Readings.


Session 23:  One-Minute Paper Review. Quiz: Group quiz on multiple-choice test on test taking. Concentration and introduction to Learning Styles. Homework: Syllabus and online profiles for learning styles.


Session 24:  Learning Styles and brain lecture. Homework: Online exercises and writings.


Session 25:  One Minute Paper review. Quiz: Concentration and Learning Styles. Stress Lecture. Class group discussions to form final question.


Session 26:  Question Distributed for Final. Final Review


Session 27:  Final Review


Session 28:  LASSI post test. Class Discussion

Session 29: Final Exam Due (e-mailed). Discussion and class evaluation.








(1) Reading assigned textbook chapters


(2) Responding online to discussion questions and answers regarding session topics


(3) Completing 25   homework assignments


(4) Completing 8 quizzes


(5) Completing online activities in the Learning Strategies Website                                                                                                                                             

(6) E-mailing online activities


(7) Participating in classroom activities


(8) Completion of online final essay                                                                                                                                    




Grades will be based on the following:


 100    % = Evidence of progress during course sessions, (i.e., reading assigned online activities and textbook chapters, completing homework assignments, participating in class discussions, reporting progress to instructor, asking questions)


              30   % = Homework assignments (25   total, 4 % each)

              20   % = Quizzes

              30   % = Final examination or project

              20   % = Participation (Online discussions (1posting per week) and class attendance)



            Course Text:    Essential Study Skills, Linda Wong (4th Edition)   

            And Website                       

            Access to WebCT: Learning Strategies Class LS001

            Course Syllabus:  Learning Strategies


            System requirements: IBM (or compatible) with Windows or Macintosh or compatible with 6.05 operating system or higher, 32 megabytes RAM, 20 megabytes free hard disc space, Internet access via a web browser.










COURSE SYLLABUS: This course is designed to be a class utilizing both classroom and WebCT participation. Assignments will be e-mailed and or handed into class as directed. Assignments will be written on the board for in-class, and on the web (organizer page). Discussions will be sent on web in communication area. Label your web assignments with your name in the subject area.


Session          Date         Day                                    Content                                             


        1                 2 / 4  Tuesday        Introduction and overview

                                                            Homework: Introduce classmate at next session



        2                 2 /6    Thursday      Student Introductions and Campus Services Discussion      

                                                            Completed biography and pretest due


(1)         Buy LASSI (Learning and Study Strategy Inventory)                 


        3                 2 / 11          Tuesday           Discussion of campus services and “successful student”



                                                (1) Buy Class Materials                                                       



        4                2  / 13          Thursday   LASSI completed in class-discussion                        



                                                (1) Syllabus pgs. 1-3 (Turn in class)                                            



        5                 2 / 18          Tuesday           In-class demonstration of website



                                                (1):     Choose one activity from demonstration and e-mail it




        6                 2 / 20          Thursday         Continuation of demonstration in computer lab



                                                (1) Reading: Chapter 4 (Goal Setting)                                     



        7                2  / 25          Tuesday           In-class Lecture goal setting.                                                



                                                (1) Reading: Chapter 3 (Time Management)

(2) Online Case Studies Chapter 4 (web) e-mail



        8                 2 / 27          Thursday         Quiz: Goal setting, In-class Time Management Lecture     



(1) Syllabus pgs. 19-27 and online forms (Supplemental Materials)- see website  (Turn in packet in class)                         




        9                  3/ 4   Tuesday        In-class Time Management Lecture, Group Work    



                                                (1)      On-line case studies (e-mail)                                              



        10             3  / 6  Thursday      Procrastination Lecture and Project Discussions          



                                                (1): Online Profile (e-mail)                                               



      11               3  / 11          Tuesday           In-class group work procrastination and project                          



(1)         Reading: Chapter 10 (Listening and taking notes)          



      12               3  / 13          Thursday    Time Management Project Due, Quiz: Time Management   

                                                  Listening and Note taking Lecture (Game show)



                                                (1) Reading: Chapter 11 (Using a variety of note taking skills)

                                                (1) Online Reflective Writing: Listening skills (e-mail)              



        13             3  / 18          Tuesday           Note taking Lecture. Group work with mapping skills.             



                                                (1) Reading: Chapter 2 (Processing Information into memory)        


(2)         Lecture Notes from content class (class turn in)

(3)          Online case studies (e-mail)



      14                3 / 20          Thursday         Quiz: Listening and Note taking, Memory Lecture           



                                                (1) Online case studies –memory (e-mail)                         


(2)    Syllabus worksheets (class turn in)                                    


      15               3  / 25          Tuesday           Memory group work                                            



                                                (1) Reading: Chapter 7 (Using a reading system)                           


(2)         Online reflective writings (memory) (e-mail)                        



      16               3  / 27          Thursday         Quiz: Memory, Textbook Reading                         



                                                (1) Syllabus pages 53-55 (class turn-in                                      

                                                (2) Online exercises  (e-mail)                                                                         



        17             4  / 8  Tuesday        Text book Reading Lecture and group work               



                                                (1) Reading: Chapter 8 (Comprehension and Critical Thinking)       


(3)    Online case studies (e-mail)                                                


18   4 / 10         Thursday      Quiz: Textbook Readings, Paper writing Lecture      



                                                (1) Syllabus: PG 76 (turn in class)                                    


                                                (2) Online reflective writing (e-mail)                                     


        19             4  / 15          Tuesday           Paper Writing Lecture (Group Work)                                 



                                                (1) Online Case Studies (e-mail)                                                    


        20             4  / 17          Thursday         Library Tour                                                       



                                                (1) Reading: Chapter 12 (objective tests)                          


                                                (2) Sign up for lib.  access and Library Worksheets(class turn in)         


      21                4 / 22          Tuesday           Quiz: Library and research, Test Taking Lecture                          



                                                (1) Reading: Chapter 13 (strategies for recall, math, essay tests)    


                                          (2) Syllabus pages 91 (class turn in)                                 

                                          (3) Online worksheets (e-mail)


        22             4  / 24          Thursday         Test Taking Skills (group work)                                          



                                                (1) Reading: Chpt.1(Learning Styles) and Chpt.5(Concentration)          


                                                (2) Online Case Studies (e-mail)                                              

      23                4 / 29          Tuesday      Quiz: Test Taking, Concentration and Intro Learning Sty.



                                                (1) Syllabus pgs. 103-105 (class turn in)                                   


                                                (2) Online profile for Learning Styles (e-mail)                      


      24               5  / 1  Thursday      Learning Styles Lecture                                                  



                                                (1)Online exercises and writings (e-mail)                                    




25               5  / 6      Tuesday      Quiz: Concentration and Learning Styles, Stress  Lecture and group for final question 



                                                (1) Readings: Chapter 6 (Boosting your memory and test prep) 




        26             5 / 8    Thursday      Final Review (Question for Take Home Final)                





      27               5  / 13          Tuesday           Final Review                                                        




      28               5  / 15          Thursday         LASSI Post Test (In-class)                           



      29                 5/  20         Tuesday           Final Exam Due (e-mail)  and class evaluations      in class