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Work Information

Job Title

Education Assessment Specialist

Key responsibilities

Initiate onsite and online Assessment Center

Department or workgroup

Chair for Assessment Coordination Committee


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Favorite Links

*    The Web of Asynchronous Learning Networks

*    Resources for Distance Education

*    ADEC



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Contact Information

E-mail address


Web address


Office phone

(408) 741-2450


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Current Projects

*   Assessment Issues and Themes Studies

*   Assessing Learners in Open and Distance   Learning

*   Assessment Plan for West Valley College


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Biographical Information

I am an Educational Specialist currently employed by West Valley College to develop an assessment plan for on and off site assessment. I have been employed by West Valley College for the past ten years. My prior position was as an instructor in the Supported Education Department and Coordinator for the Adjunct Program. De Anza College employed me previously for twenty years. My education consists of a Masters Degree in Education, Bachelors Degree in Liberal Studies, Clear Elementary Teaching Credential, Clear Learning Handicaps Credential, California Community College Instructors Credential.


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Personal Interests

*   My family of three teenage daughters and husband

*   Book club



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Last revised: 08/08/2002