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Welcome to World Music ONLINE !

We live in a global society. Our country is a nation of immigrants from all over the world, and so just as music is a reflection of a given culture, our music is a reflection of music from many cultures around the world. In a very short time (six weeks), you will have the opportunity to learn quite a bit about musics of the world which impact the music that we know. This newfound knowledge can help to dissolve the walls that separate cultures from one another.

You will study music of various eras and cultures, learn the differences between textures in music and begin to trace the development of today's music to its influences in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. In addition, you will begin to write about music in terms more complex than "I like that" or "That's boring." As a result of the readings, assignments, and music you will study, you may begin to discover WHY you like or dislike a certain music and be able to convey that intelligently.


To begin, you need the following:

The ACCESS CODE to the courseware website OnMusic of the World. Published by Connect For Education, Inc., distributed by McGraw Hill. This code is available online for $99.95. You will need a credit card to purchase the courseware. You can begin working online in the class within 5 minutes of purchasing the code.

The Access Code, which is necessary to take tests, is good for one-time use ONLY. This code is non-transferrable; ONLY YOU may use it.

Internet access. The faster the better, especially for the interactive listening player (Real Player or Shockwave) which you will need to download free and use with every listening example.


Once you have purchased the OnMusic of the World access code, follow the directions to register online with Connect4Education. Follow these instructions precisely and you will quickly be ready to begin. YOU MUST BE ENROLLED BY THE ADD DEADLINE in order to avoid being dropped as a no-show.

If you have a problem BEFORE you are able to log in, contact me at After you register your access code and are in the system, you may contact me from within the website.

CLICK HERE to purchase the On Music of the World access code.