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CA 064

West Valley College
Instructor: Dundurs
Phone: (408) 741-2414

Course Description

Students will be able to use Reader basics; create PDF documents; Work with Thumbnails; Bookmarks; create a slide show; add comments; create PDF forms.

This course will be completed entirely online. You may complete all assignments at home or at work. You will never need to come to campus to complete this course. Directions for all assignments will be given online or via e-mail. Your assignments will be submitted online. All assignments must be finished to complete the course. You will communicate with your instructor via e-mail or telephone. Credit/No Credit course option.

Unit: 1

Important: Enrolled students must e-mail me before beginning the course. I will also not drop students. It is also your responsibility to drop the course.

Recommended Prerequisites

English reading and writing ability at the grade 12 level and knowledge of the computer.

A Message from Your Instructor

Hi, welcome to the Adobe Acrobat and PDF online class. I look forward to working with you and hope you have an enjoyable online experience. I will guide your learning and assist you in understanding the principles required in business to achieve successful outcomes. It is essential that you have some experience using e-mail and Internet browsers in order to successfully complete this course. I hope you enjoy this course and develop the basic skills needed in a professional environment.

Be prepared to spend several hours per week using and studying course materials and participating in online activities. The dates on the calendar are guidelines for completing the assignments by December 11th. Each assignment is due as stated under the Project Timeline within the course. If you choose to work ahead of those dates, you may.

You will successfully complete this course if you work daily or weekly, and complete all course assignments by the due dates. Please remember, all assignments must be completed to earn credit for the class.

Whenever you have questions about the course or a particular exercise or assignment, please contact me. Use my e-mail address. It will be the fastest way to communicate with me. I check e-mail a minimum of twice a day and usually respond to all e-mail within 24 hours.

Technical Problems

If you experience any technical problems while trying to logon into the course, please contact me as soon as possible. I will assist you with your technical problems.

Need a Book?

Again, one book I can recommend is Adobe Acrobat X (X is the Version) for Windows & Macintosh by Jennifer Alspach available from Peachpit Press (cost=$20) available at Barnes and Noble. Or you can select any other book you find compatible with your learning style.