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AJ 003- Principles and Procedures of Justice

Units: 3

Instructor: Marge Faulstich




AJOO3 is an online class, which provides an in depth study of the role & responsibilities of each segment within the Administration of Justice System; law enforcement, judicial, corrections. The course includes past, present and future exposure to each sub-system: from initial arrest to final disposition and the relationship each segment maintains with system members. Included will be a review of legal process & procedures from pre-arrest through trial & sentencing; the history of case law & common law; interpretations of court decisions; as well as case law methodology & research.





A = 300 - 244

B = 243 - 187

C = 186 - 130

D = 129 - 63

F = 62 or below



Procedures in the Justice System, Gilbert Stuckey, Cliff Roberson, & Harvey Wallace (latest edition - contact West Valley College bookstore.)



Online Project, Midterm, and Final exam: Due Dates To Be Announced, Via Email after school begins.



Independent court visit/Term Paper - 100 points possible

Student will attend a Criminal Court for a day & submit a 6 page Online report which includes:

Be thorough: include the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of the case you've witnessed. Include your reaction to what happened and how good do you think each attorney was at prosecuting, or defending? Were they effective, in your opinion? Why or why not. Proofread for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. 4 points per misspelled word. Students will use a 12 point font size.

Due Date: To be announced via email



Midterm exam - 100 points possible (chapters 1 - 8)

Final exam - 100 points possible (chapters 9 - 16)

Exam dates to be announced via email


FAILURE to complete the Online Court Project, Midterm or Final Exam will result In an F course grade.

INCOMPLETE GRADE: An "Incomplete" grade may be granted with instructor pre-approval in exigent circumstances.

DEADLINES: All project or test deadlines must be met to receive credit.

MISSED Final: A missed Final Exam will result in an F (failing) course grade, except when an "Incomplete," is granted in cases of verified emergency or illness.



Assignments, tests, and projects are the property of the instructor and are not to be copied, shared, or emailed to anyone without the express permission of instructor. AJ students should be exemplary in honesty & integrity. Students found to be cheating (i.e., online plagiarizing or copying another students work) may receive the following sanction(s): verbal or written warning (copy to Vice President of instruction); be issued an "F" course grade with a drop; and or recommendation for expulsion from the AJ program at West Valley College.






West Valley College makes reasonable accommodations for persons with documented disabilities. College materials will be available in alternate formats (Braille, audio, electronic format, or large print) upon request.

Please contact the Disability and Educational Support Program at (408) 741-2010 (voice) or (408) 741-2658 (TTY) for assistance.


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