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  1. Title and Number of Course:

AJ 004-Online: Legal Aspects of Evidence.  3.0 units.

Acceptable for credit: California State University

  1. Catalog Description:

An Online course designed to acquaint students with the origin, development, philosophy and constitutional basis of evidence, constitutional and procedural considerations affecting arrest, search and seizure.  Classifications and degrees of evidence plus rules governing admissibility and judicial decisions interpreting individual rights and case studies will be viewed from a conceptual level.

  1. Course Content:
    1. Evolution of evidence.
    2. Detention and arrest.
    3. Search and seizure.
    4. Discovery.
    5. Types of Evidence.
    6. Witness-Competency.
    7. Privileged Communication.
    8. Self-incrimination and non-testimonial compulsion.
    9. The Opinion Rule.
    10. Impeachment, Corroboration and refreshing memory.
    11. Hearsay.
    12. Confessions and Admissions.
    13. Documentary evidence.
    14. Photographic evidence.
    15. Introducing evidence at trial.
  1. Course Outcomes/Objectives:
    1. Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

1.    Have a working knowledge of the rules of evidence, the various kinds of evidence, and the admissibility of evidence.

2.    Develop the ability to evaluate the various kinds of evidence available in a given case in order to determine its admissibility in court.

3.    Develop skill in handling case materials so that evidence admissibility will not be destroyed by improper techniques or procedures.

  1. Evaluation Procedure:

Grades are awarded on a standard scale.





F=179 points, or below

Extra Credit, if offered, will be announced via email.

  1. Required Text:

To be announced, via email

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  1. Course Requirements & Grading:

Online Project (TBA) 100 points

Exam (TBA) 100 points

Quizzes (TBA) 100 points

Extra Credit (TBA)

Grading Policy: Failure to complete the Online Project, Exam, or Quizzes will result in an "F" grade. An "Incomplete" grade may be granted with instructor pre-approval in exigent circumstances. The Online Project, Exam, Quizzes are sent early and late work will not be accepted.

Student Cheating: AJ students should be exemplary in honesty and integrity.  Students found to be cheating (including online plagiarizing or copying another student's work) may receive the following sanctions(s): verbal or written warning (copy to Vice President of Instruction; be issued an "F" grade; and or recommendation for expulsion from the AJ program/WVC, in accordance with college policy.

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