This distance learning course is conducted completely via the Internet and e-mail. The primary mode of instruction is through an Internet connection. You are expected to communicate with your instructor and other classmates about specific assignments. Most of your work, however, is done on your own through reading assignments, projects, and tests.

In order to successfully complete this course, you should plan your schedule very carefully and try to stick to it. A campus course that meets three hours a week will require an average of four hours of preparation per week, adding up to a total weekly workload of seven hours. Since you are not meeting in a on-campus class, you can expect to spend an average of six to seven total hours per week on your course work. Look carefully at your work schedule, school schedule, and family obligations and allow plenty of time for each.

When taking a online course you must take the initiative to ask your instructor questions if you do not understand the material. You may have to communicate with your instructor with an e-mail message or you may have to call the instructor and leave a message on an answering machine. Either way, the response from the instructor might not be instantaneous. You must learn to move on to other material and wait for your instructor to respond.

Computer Competency

To successfully navigate this course you should be computer competent in the following:

What Do I Do First?

Start by looking at the course syllabus here.

Then, view the "How To Succeed in an Online Course" web page by clicking here.

Beginning the Course

1. If you are not a continuing West Valley College Student, you must first apply for admission to the college and register for the course by clicking the following link:

To apply for admission, click here.





2. If you feel you may need some additional student services, feel free to access the college's Student Services Online Resources web page. Here you will find links to a variety of college resources like counseling services, financial aide, the library, career programs etc.


3. Once you are enrolled in this course, contact me via e-mail: marge_faulstich@westvalley.edu

Please send me the following information:


4. This course does NOT use the ANGEL course management system. Please don't attempt to access the ANGEL pages to start the course.


5. The class officially starts on the first day of the new semester. You will not be able to access the course before that date. However, please access the linked pages at the beginning of this web page before class begins to make sure you are using the right browser, take the distance learning skills survey, and access and become familiar with the course syllabus.


6. To officially start the class, email the instructor and you will receive instructions back via email.

Required Text:

To be announced, via email

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