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AJ 014- Alcohol, Narcotics, and Drug Abuse - Online

Units: 3

Instructor: Marge Faulstich

NOTE: It is a student's responsibility to officially drop classes they are not attending.


Introduction to the problem of substance abuse. History and classification
of drugs of abuse. This course is designed to equip students, police
officers and the general public with knowledge of the issues involved in
drug abuse.

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A. Provide the student with a knowledge of the drug problem and
reasons for drug use.

B. To familiarize the student with drug and user recognition,
and the effects of drug use.

C. To introduce the student to the basic legal definitions and
concepts which provide a foundation for drug laws.

D. To develop within the student an understanding of sociological
(cultural), psychological and physiological explanations for
drug use.


1. Introduction to Pharmacological Drug Classifications
2. Opiates
3. Cocaine
4. Methamphetamines
5. 11550 H.S. and the Law - The Drug Abuser Profile
6. Patrol and Plainclothes - Narcotic Investigations
7. PCP
8. Other Psychedelics
9. Marijuana and other Sedative Hypnotics
10. Miscellaneous Drugs
11. Search Warrants, Case Preparation 
12. Drug Smuggling/Trafficking - Major Narcotics InvestigationsEVALUATION PROCEDURE:


EXAM- TBA- 100 pts.
EXAM- TBA-100 pts.

*Extra Credit, TBA

A= 300-244
B= 243-187
C= 186-130
D= 129-63
F= 62, or below

* Students will be emailed all assignments: projects, and exams.
* Students will be emailed a Deadline to submit work, via email..
* Tests must be turned in on time. Late work is not acceptable for credit. No exceptions.
* Keep a file of all work in case any problems arise, & you must forward the work to the instructor as evidence that you met the stated deadline..
* Completed tests: must be turned in via email to your instructor. Do not attach it as a document. (Documents often do not open or cannot be read). Cut and paste ALL test questions & answers into an email to the instructor.
* Internet Assignments: a) will take you on the world wide web; b) will introduce you to legal research and criminal justice websites.
* STUDENT CHEATING - Assignments, tests, and exams are the property of instructor and are not to be copied, duplicated, or shared with others without the express approval of instructor. Above all, students who major in Administration of Justice or who hope to become a Criminal Justice career professional should be exemplary in their honesty and integrity. Any student found to be cheating may receive the following sanction(s): verbal or written warning (copy to Dean); receive a drop with an “F” grade, and or recommended for expulsion from the Administration of Justice program. Do your own work.

Failure to complete Exams or Project(s) and to verify illness/emergency will result in an "F" course grade.
Makeup exams are approved only in case of verified illness/emergency permitting a student to receive an "incomplete" grade, with pre-approval of the instructor. .

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Newsweek article on Meth in downloadable PDF format

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