West Valley Community College

Course Syllabus: Real Estate Practice 091

Business Department

 Winter Session 2009



Instructor Information:

 Name: Nancy Fisher

Email: use Angel Email System

In emergency use nancy_fisher @ westvalley.edu

Educational Background:

 BA Liberal Studies, San Jose State University

Juris Doctorate, Santa Clara School of Law

California Real Estate Brokers License

On-line Mediation Specialist



 Course Description:  091 California Real Estate Practice  

Real Estate Practice is an overview of the operational methods of a real estate business. The student will identify and evaluate the day-to-day operations in real estate roles and brokerage, with emphasis on the interpretation and practical application of listing , selling, advertising, financing, escrows, taxation, income tax and the appraisal and valuation of real estate.  This course will summarize information required for the State of California real estate license examinations.  However, considerable outside study is advised.  This course is required for an unconditional Real Estate Salesperson license and for a Broker applicant.


Prerequisite(s): None

Basic Skills Reading Level: eligibility for Reading 161 or ESL 43

Basic Skills English/ESL Level: eligibility for English 105 or ESL 44

Basic Skills Math Level: the ability to complete simple math problems, including, but not limited to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of percentages and decimals using a non-programmable calculator.

Basic Computer Skills

RE090 strongly recommended


Units: 3

Participation Requirements: Approximately 10-12 hours weekly

Course Text: California Real Estate Practice 4th Edition. Author: Kathryn Haupt; Rockwell Publishing


Student Services:    Printed materials in alternate formats (Braille, audiotape, electronic format, or large print) and other services may be available upon request.  Please contact the Disability and Educational Support Program at (408) 741-2010 (voice) or (408) 741-2658 (TTY) for assistance.

 Class Information:  California Real Estate Practice is available on-line daily at the studentís convenience. It is available 24 hours a day.

Course Objective:  The primary goal of this course is to familiarize students with basic terminology and concepts of real property transactions. At the end of this course, the student should be able to:






1.         The student will demonstrate the ability to analyze fundamental information by interpreting rules and regulations administered by the Department of Real Estate.









2.         Given alternative courses of action, the student will evaluate and apply proper operating procedures to the day-to-day practice of real estate.






3.         The student will demonstrate the ability to complete forms and contracts used in a typical real estate transaction.






4.         The student will interpret specialized information on subjects closely related to real estate such as finance, appraisal, law, taxation, and property management, and identify situations where this information can be put to use.






5.      The student will analyze specialized information used for the exchange of ideas, concepts, and practices of real estate, and select those ideas, practices, and concepts that have the most potential for success in the future.






This course is not intended to prepare the student for the California Real Estate Commissionerís licensing exam.  Additional study may be necessary.



 Instructor Policies:


Participation: Students are expected to actively participate in the class. Failure to participate will adversely affect a studentís grade. Any student not regularly participating in the class may be dropped from the class by the instructor.  PLEASE NOTE: FAILURE TO PASS ANY ONE OF THE COMPONENTS OF THIS COURSE WITH A 70% OR BETTER WILL RESULT IN A FAILING GRADE FOR THE COURSE. For example, even if a student passes all of the quizzes, midterm and final but does not pass the homework assignments that student will receive a failing grade.


Withdrawals: If a student wishes to withdraw from the class it is the studentís responsibility to complete the proper paperwork prior to the final withdrawal date for the semester.  Failure to do so will result in a failing grade.  Please check the student catalog for the last date to withdraw from the course.


Student Assessment MethodsóAny or all of the following methods of assessment may be used in this course: weekly quizzes, Mid-term, Final exam, and homework assignments.


Grades: You will be graded on the quality of your assignments, online participation, and performance on tests. You will be given two opportunities to take each chapterís quiz.  Please remember to leave 24 hours between making each try.  You will receive the highest score of the two tries.  You do not have to take the quiz a second time if you elect not to.  Each quiz will be a combination of multiple choice and true/false. You will be tested on information from the text book, homework assignments, and lectures notes. Quizzes will not be cumulative. However, the midterm will cover the material presented in the class up to the date of the midterm and the final, will include the entire textbook, homework assignments, and course lectures notes. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL QUIZZES, MIDTERM, AND FINAL WILL CLOSE AT 11:55 P.M. ON THE LAST DAY OF THE CLASS.  If you do not take the midterm or the final you will not be able to make it up. Therefore, please check the class calendar carefully to make sure that you will be available to take the test during the week they are available before committing to the class.



You may take this class for a letter grade or credit/no credit. A letter C grade requires at least a 70% and a Credit requires a 70% or higher for the course material. Students must complete all assignments with a 70% or better to receive a passing grade/credit. Unless you instruct me otherwise, you will receive a letter grade if you receive an A or a B in the class. You will receive a Credit for a C and a No Credit for any thing less than a C. In order for the class to apply for the California Real Estate Examination requirement a student must pass the course with either a credit or a C or better grade.


Your Total Grade will consist of:

  • Online participation, through homework, and interactive email: 15%
  • Chapter quizzes: 20%
  • Midterm: 25%
  • Final exam: 40%


90% - above = A         80% - 89% = B         70% - 79% = C           60% - 69% = D           59% - below = F


Please note that even though you receive passing scores without completing one of the components that make up the total grade you will not pass the course. For example, if you receive a cumulative score of 70% for quizzes, midterm and final exam but do not receive at least a C for the weekly homework you will receive a failing grade.


Plagiarism/Cheating Policy: If plagiarism and/or cheating occurs the student will be withdrawn from the course and reported to the College.



Weekly Quizzes, Homework and Conditions


  • Because this is such an accelerated course there are certain conditions that must be met to be successful.  You will receive two tries for each of the Quizzes however, bother tries must be completed in the week the quiz is assigned. Likewise, homework must be turned in no later than the end of the week in which it is assigned.  THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • After completing the weekly assignment, reviewing the online materials, and completing the homework assignment, you will take the chapter quizzes by clicking on the Quizzes icon within Angel. Each quiz will have between 20 and 30 questions.
  • Quizzes consist of multiple choice and/or true/false questions
  • In order to be successful with this course, complete the homework and review the online materials BEFORE taking the weekly quiz.  Make sure that you have completed the correct assignments BEFORE opening the quiz. Once you have opened the quiz you must complete it or not receive credit for the quiz. You will not be allow access to it again.
  • Quizzes are available ONLY through the Angel web site. You will be given 30 minutes to complete each quiz, 90 minutes for the midterm and 2 1/2 hours for the final. Upon expiration of these periods your access will be terminated and you will not be permitted re-access. Likewise, once you start a quiz or exam you must complete it. You will not be allowed to re-access the quiz or exam once you log-into the quiz or after the time expires.  No Exceptions. There are no make-ups for exams.


  • By registering and participating in this course, you understand and agree that, without exception, no makeup quizzes, exams, or homework will be given. This condition applies to all students without exception.


Withdrawal From This Course:

If you drop this course, remember that withdrawal is not an automatic process. Withdrawal is the student's sole responsibility, not the instructor's. Contact the Admissions and Records Office to initiate the Drop process. Please read the DROP procedures carefully in the Schedule of Classes to avoid unnecessary grade penalties.



To accommodate emergent circumstances, the instructor reserves the right to make changes to this syllabus while the course is in progress.  Any understandings between individual students and the instructor, including changes, exceptions, or modifications to requirements or procedures must be in writing.  Any question of interpretation of course requirements or of understandings between a student and the instructor will be resolved by the instructor in the instructorís sole but reasonable judgment.