Final Exam Information


WHEN: Tuesday, May 20, 20146:30- 8:30 PM, two (2) hours total

WHERE: Regular classroom, AAS 11


Four (4) problems, oriented toward the later parts of the course.The general topic areas covered by the problems, with expected time required for completion will be as follows:






2-D Truss, solve for every member using Method of Joints

25 min


2-D Truss, solve for selected members using Method of Sections

15 min


Cable with concentrated loads

20 min


Friction Analysis

20 min


Total Typical Time:

80 min


2-Hour Exam Duration:

120 min


Extra Time for Checking and Review:

40 min




>††† Like the previous quizzes that were given during the course, the final exam is OPEN-TEXTBOOK, CLOSED-NOTES.No materials shall be on your desk except for the course textbook, calculator, and writing/drawing tools.The back of the exam pages may be used for scratch calculations if needed.There can be no sharing of textbooks, calculators, or any other materials.


>††† Seating locations will be randomly shuffled at the start of the exam.If asked, students must comply with requested seating location.


>††† Graded exams can be obtained from me during the first two weeks of the next semester.I would be happy to personally return your final exam and discuss the solutions at that time if you call me or email me (phone number and email address provided on first day handout) to set up an appointment.Unless prior instructions have been given to me, unclaimed final exams will be recycled within TWO WEEKS.If you donít contact me, I will assume that you donít want your exam back.


>††† Graded Exams can be mailed to you immediately after grading only if an extra-large, self-addressed, adequately stamped envelope is provided at the final exam session - final exam results are not provided by email or over the phone.Letter size envelopes are not acceptable.


>††† Final course grades can be shown on the final exam cover page if explicitly requested in writing by the student on the cover page.