English 1B: Fall 2004

Introduction to Literature Fri 9:20-12:25


Instructor: Judith S. Girardi

Office Hours: Fri 9:00 am

Voice Mail: (408) 741-2045 x3265

Email: judith_girardi@westvalley.edu


This Course:

In this course we will be studying the evolution of literature, the process of creating, reading and recreating a literary work. We will read one novel, two plays, a wide selection of poetry, and a few short stories. The course format will include lecture, small group discussion, and research. There will be an online discussion segment to this course where you will have to sign in weekly to give bulletin board commentary on readings or concepts.


Student Outcomes

By the end of this class you will:

      Be able to analyze a piece of literature and construct a defendable response

      Be able to recognize and use the literary and research tools of the discipline

      Be familiar with and understand technical literary terms

      Be able to formulate a critical argument using formal literary theory

      Have a stronger understanding of the power of language and literature


Texts & Materials

v     The Laughing Sutra by Mark Salzman

v     The Dining Room by A.R. Gurney

v     Inherit the Wind by Lawrence & Lee



In order to ensure your understanding of the material presented, you will be assessed on: your writing skills; your ability to analyze a piece of scholarly writing and to formulate and present a persuasive response; your attention and participation within the class.







Three Formal Papers


100 pts each

300 pts


Discussion Papers/Quizes


20 pts each

200 pts




100 pts each

200 pts





100 pts


Weekly Bulletin Board



100 pts


Enhancement Writing Labs


~33 pts each

100 pts






Policies and Procedures


Attendance: Much of the work we will be doing this semester is dependant upon class discussion and participation. Therefore, attendance in this course is mandatory. After one class absence your attendance grade will drop grade per absence. Please leave a voice mail or email message for me if you will not be attending class.


Class Participation & Attention: It is essential that you are prepared for and participate in class discussions. Please also note that cell phones must be turned off in class and pagers should be silent. This cuts down on distraction to you and your classmates.


Due Dates: All assignments must be double-spaced typed and presented at the beginning of the class period in which they are due. Informal Discussion papers and Responses must also be typed and turned in at the beginning of class; they will not be accepted late. Formal Papers may be late by one class period; however you will be marked down 1 grade.


Rewrites: There are no rewrites for the Informal papers. The three formal essays may be rewritten ONCE. Your final essay grade will be an average of the two grades, the first grade and the revised grade; therefore, it benefits you to do your best on the first paper that I grade. Rewrites are due within a week of the day the first draft copy is turned back.


Academic Pride & Plagiarism: Every piece of work that you turn in, I read 3 to 5 times. For every paper I grade, you will receive a written critique of your work. As we get farther into the semester, I look forward to watching your work progress; in order for this to happen, every paper you turn in must be your own! If the ideas and wording used in your paper did not originally come out of your head, it is somebody elses work and must be given credit. This means that any sources you quote MUST be cited. If you get information off of the internet, be sure that you know the source and cite it. Do not cut and paste things from other documents or websites without citing the source. This is plaigiarism and will receive an F.

The best way to combat stress and avoid trouble is effective time management. We will work together this semester so that you are able to presenting a paper that reflects your thoughts and opinions!


Dates to Know:



Sept 17:

Enhancement Lab 1 Due: Literary Criticism

Sept 24:

First Formal Paper Due: Fairy Tales & Audience Expectations

Oct 15:

Midterm Exam

Nov 5:

Enhancement Lab 2 Due: Performance Review

Nov 19:

Second Formal Paper Due: Poetry Explication

Dec 3:

Enhancement Lab 3 Due

Dec 10:

Third Formal Paper Due: Religion, Tradition, Rebellion

Dec 17:

Final Exam