Eng 1B


Formal Paper 1: Reader Expectations

Literature & Traditions



Consider the movie Shrek. The creators of this movie built their success by referencing fairytale images, and then manipulating common assumptions about those images for comedic ends.


In your first paper you will research a specific fairy tale image or concept, then discuss how this image changes or remains the same in either or both of the Shrek movies.


Step 1: Choose a fairytale image or concept and research it.

Methodology: First write your initial impression and any fairy tales you remember that include that image or concept. Then go to the library and check out two or three books of fairy tales and compare your impressions with the actual stories. Go to the reference section and read several books or reference works on fairy tales describing your image or concept. (Use the index to isolate the section relevant to your topic)


Step 2: Incorporate research and personal impressions. Write 3 pages discussing the image/concept you have chosen


Step 3: Watch Shrek and/or Shrek II focusing specifically on the image you have chosen.


Step 4: Analyze the treatment of the image/concept in these modernized motion picture versions. Compare and contrast this treatment with your earlier impressions and research.



         Paper must be six pages in length including Works Cited.

         Paper must adhere to MLA format.

         Steps 1-2 are due as a discussion paper

         Works Cited page must reference at least: 1 movie, 2 fairy tales, 1 book or

reference about fairy tales (a secondary source)









      Although it is a good idea to orient your reader by paraphrasing a reference (movie or fairy tale) or using a quote (secondary source), make these supporting sections short. Most of the words in the paper should be your own thoughts and analysis about the movie and the fairy tales.

      Be sure your main ideas are clear. After you have written a full first/second draft, write on a separate piece of paper the 1-2 main points and 2-5 minor supporting points you want to get across to your reader. Go back and check your draft. Are these points clearly stated?

      Give yourself at least a day for revision. After you put a paper down then come back and reread it, you may find a small change that could make a big difference. If it is due in an hour you will miss this opportunity.

      Bring the assignment sheet into the library and ask the librarians for help. It is always better if they know the scope of your assignment. Then they can help you find the best sources.