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Art Nouveau
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Influenced by Post-Impressionism, Art Nouveau, the “New Art” is an artistic style freed from all illusionist, symbolic or representational function. A decorative arts movement begun in part as a revolt against the Machine Age, it reached its height at the 1900 Paris Exhibition. Art Nouveau's beautiful organic design is so closely interrelated to the object that it seems to determine the form. The style effects architecture, interior design, the graphic and the ornamental arts, thereby making a strong presence in modern society. The Art Nouveau spirit was also identified as the: Arts and Crafts movement, Jugendstil, Style Moderne, or Stile Liberty, depending on the geographic location.



Byzantine Head, 1890

Artist: Alphonse Mucha


The Quill, 1890

Artist: Alphonse Mucha


Posters, 1890

Sarah Bernhart in Hamlet and La Tosca

Artist: Alphonse Mucha


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