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What is registration?

Registration at West Valley College is the process of signing up for a class and paying the fees for that class.

Who may register?

Any person may register in this or any other class at West Valley College who is a high school graduate, has passed the State Proficiency Test, obtained a G.E.D. or is 18 years of age or older. If you are currently a high school student, you may register with a properly completed concurrent enrollment form. This form can be obtained at the Admissions Office or one can be requested by mail from:

    Admissions Office
    West Valley College
    14000 Fruitvale Ave.
    Saratoga, Ca. 95070
If you live outside of California
If your legal residence is outside of California or you have not resided in the state for one year and one day prior to the first day of the semester, you may register, but you must apply for admission as a nonresident student and pay nonresident fees of $120 per unit.
BEFORE you can register
Before you can register in this class or any other class, you must apply for admission to the college. If you are already a student here this current semester, skip to Registration - Continuing Students ONLY below.




New Students and Returning Students only (after at least a one-semester break) :
If you have never taken a class at West Valley College, you are a NEW student. If you were registered at some time other than the current semester, you are considered a RETURNING student. In either case, you need to submit an application to the Admissions Office. You can do this in person or by mail. To obtain an application by mail, write:
Admissions Office
West Valley College
14000 Fruitvale Ave.
Saratoga, Ca. 95070
Assessment and Orientation (for new and returning students only)
Once you have completed and submitted your application form, you need to sign up for assessment and orientation in the Admissions Office.
Assessment is necessary, only if you plan to register in an English, Reading or Math class. If you do plan to enroll in one of these classes, you may still have assessment waived if you have already completed appropriate college courses with a grade of C or better in English, Reading or Math. Just submit transcripts (unofficial is acceptable) verifying that to the Assessment Office, Room 27 (Counseling), West Valley College.
Orientation. You can sign up for college orientation in person or you can request an orientation time by sending a letter to Admissions along with a $6 fee. To contact Admissions for an orientation appointment, call 741 - 2001. You do not need orientation if:
  1. You already have an AA or higher degree.
  2. You are concurrently registered at another college and will be taking only one class at WVC.
  3. You are taking classes for personal interest only.
  4. You are taking fewer than 7 units.
Registration -- New and Returning Students ONLY
Once the application, assessment and orientation processes have been satisfied, your application is complete. Now you need to register in this and/or other classes. You will be given or mailed a time when you can register in person or via the telephone/web system. If you plan to register by phone, please do not attempt to register before your scheduled time. The Tel Reg number is (408) 741-2400. The web address is http://www.westvalley.edu/wvc If you miss your time to register, you may call in or log on any weekday after your priority time between 7- 10 p.m. You will also need the section number of the class you want to register for. This may be found in the current schedule of classes.


Registration -- Continuing Students ONLY
If you were registered at West Valley College during the fall semester, 1998, you are considered to be a CONTINUING student . As such, you may register in this class by phone or on the web according to you priority registration time. This time will be mailed to you. Please do not attempt to register before your scheduled time. The Tel Reg number is (408) 741-2400. The web address is www.westvalley.edu/wvc If you miss your time to register, you may call in or log on any weekday after your priority time between 7- 10 p.m.


If you are already a student at the college but have not yet registered in this class -- and it is before the semester has begun -- you may register in this class using the telephone or web system: Telephone: 741-2400 website: www.westvalley.edu/wvc


If you are already a student at the college and it is after the semester has begun, you may contact me via e-mail to check if the course is still available. My e-mail address is: kathleen_grisham@westvalley.edu


Registration -- High School Students ONLY
For High School students. You must apply in person andregister at the Admissions office.


FEES (for new, returning, continuing and high school students)
The cost of registering in this one class, Art History 1B, will be approximately $59. Fees may be charged to your credit card during the Tel Reg process. Continuing students should include their priority mailer payment stub with payment. All other students need only submit payment. Payments should be postmarked within 5 days of registration. Payment of fees can be made in person at the Cashier's Window in the Admissions Office, or they can be mailed to :


West Valley College
File 72731
P.O. Box 61000
San Francisco, Ca. 94161-2731
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