Biology 10 Lecture
Required Materials:
  Text: "Biology" by Sylvia S. Mader. 10th ed. McGraw-Hill Higher Education, New York, NY, 2010. ISBN 978-0-07-352543-3
  Lab Manual: "Biology 10 - Laboratory Manual" 5th ed., Wiley Custom Services.

Biology 10 Reading Course
  Reading 915 (section # 70786): Reading Support: Special Topics. This course is designed to help students specifically in Biology 10. The course will provide help with reading the textbook and scientific literature and in study support. The course meets for 12 wks on Mondays ONLY from 2:05 - 3:30 (rooms LA32), starting the second week of school (2/9 - 5/11/09). It is a 1.0 unit, credit/ no credit course. For further information: Whitney Clay, Reading Department Chair, Office LA 4G, 408-741-2619.

For all other information, see the WVC ANGEL website.

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