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Comments directed to Prospective Students

1. Very difficult, need to keep on assignments because it's too easy to fall behind.

2. This course is challenging but very enjoyable.

3. He is always available and you need to take advantage of his availability. You can never slack off on the studying.

4. Textbook is of little help in understanding material - get a tutor early - Pray!

5. Just keep up and you will do fine.

6. Dr. Harrison is a good teacher overall. He's interested in how students learn chemistry. But, he is tough and requires you to work. No free grades.

7. Read the book! Do all the homework assignments, (in book) not just the ones the teacher assigns. Spend a couple hours per chapter reviewing for the exams.

8. This course you learn a lot about how chemistry in everyday life. Course test are challenging but fair. Lecture is very helpful please go. 

9. If you do as Dr. Harrison suggests, you will be successful in this course. If you don't, then look out. You are in for a tough semester. Read along with lecture. It will be your own fault if you get a C or lower. Dr. Harrison will give you every chance to be successful.

10. Don't miss ant work - Dr. Harrison has no leniency for late or missed work.

11. Make sure you keep up with the work. Don't fall behind. If you need help, go to Mr. Harrison. He'll be glad to help you.

12. Don't expect to relax in this class. It's very helpful if you study hard by yourself.

13. A lot of homework, but you give us plenty of time to do it, which is great! The pace is fast, but it keeps you motivated to stick with it. Overall the course was time consuming, but if you were willing to put the effort in you could do good.

14. The course content is pretty heavy. If you have a lot of other hard classes I would not advise to take.

15. This course is very tough but you can pass it if you do all the homework and study a lot. This class is pretty good considering that I hate chemistry.

16. Try to keep pace with the instructor.

17. Don't ever fall behind.

18. Dear prospective student, I would recommend you greatly to take courses from Dr. Harrison- even though I have only taken chem 30A from him, I was able to see that he was the best chemistry teacher instructor I ever had. Chemistry was something that I hated because I did not understand it before, but now I enjoy it because I was able to understand it and this was because of the way Dr. Harrison taught the class.

19. Keep making the course fun and interesting with stories about relations with course.

20. Take good notes, and be prepared to study. It takes up al ot of time.

21.Go to office hours, because Dr. Harrison will help you do any problems. Study hard for tests. Do all homework with carefulness, and don't assume it can't impact greatly on your grade.

22. Very interesting course.

23. The best thing to do stay up on the homework. If you do not stay caught up on the homework you will have a hard time in class.

24. Textbook is very helpful! Mr. Harrison is always willing to help when you ask for it. Wants you to really succeed.

25. Presents material well and makes it interesting.

26. Study!!! ask questions!!!

27. Hard class, a lot of studying needed, fast paced.

28. Ask yourself is it really worth it?


Other comments:

1. Why are you always in linen pants?

2. Great teacher, needs to work on surfing.

3. Would like to see this class become a lot more of an INTRODUCTION TO CHEMISTRY.

4. Very strong knowledge of material very organized style of teaching.

5. Awesome class. One of my favorites.

6. The goodness of his character and intentions are very apparent.... providing a comfortable environment for students to learn.

7. It would be much appreciated if you handed out test review sheets. Please! This would benefit the class more than old jumbled tests and homework.

8. I think that everything is good the way it is. The pace is just right and the material isn't that difficult.

9. Tests are sometimes too lengthy. And are much more difficult than the homework and sometimes supp. problems assigned.

10. What can you say it is chemistry.

11. Try to move out of the way when working so we can see better!

12. I respect Dr. Harrison and really enjoy his class but he needs a different grading system.

13. The lectures go too fast too much info in short time.

14. Maybe a set of lecture notes or different book! Lab is much too long and lecture should be longer.

15. Never give-up, See a tutor they really do help.

16. Needs a better book!!

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