History 17B - Online

Lecture 2


I.  Race in Historical Context

A.  Color and superiority

II.  Racial Dislocation in the Reconstructed South

A.  Southern Racial Society

III.  The White Debate Over Race

A.  Conservative Mentality

B.  Radical Mentality

1.  Regression
2.  Savagery
3.  Bestiality
4.  Sexuality

IV.  Radicalism Comes to Power

A.  Why?

1.  Economics
2.  Psychic Crisis
        a.  Cultural and Psychological Reasons
3.  Racial Rhetoric

B.  Radical Violence

1.  Its many forms
2.  Lynchings
        a.  Zachariah Walker

C.  The Institutionalization of Radicalism

1.  Disenfranchisement
2.  Segregation
        a.  Jim Crow
3.  Economically
4.  Racial Etiquette

V.  Racism in American Culture

A.  Radical Racism and the Black as "Brute"

1.  Thomas Dixon and The Birth of a Nation

B.  Conservative Racism and the Black as Child, Sambo, and Buffoon

1.  "The Plantation Tradition"

C.  Popular Imagery

VI.  The African American Response

A.  Booker T. Washington

1.  "Atlanta Compromise Address" and Accommodation (1895)

B.  W.E.B. DuBois

1.  Political and Legal Equality
2.  Founding of NAACP

C.  Marcus Garvey and Black Nationalism

1.  Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA)
2.  "Black Capitalism"

D.  Black Migration to the North and West

E.  Dawning of a Distinctive African American Culture

VII.  Conclusion