We know that the world is a dangerous place and that human beings are capable of horrific acts.  After the most destructive war in world history and the coordinated decimation of 6 million European Jews, humanity said "never again."  But it did happen again - in Cambodia, in Rwanda, in Bosnia, and in Sudan.  In fact, it was happening for centuries before WW II against Armenians, and Haitians, and Native Americans, and the indigenous populations of Latin and South America.  It is even happening today in Myanmar.

With ethnic, racial, and religious conflict simmering around the world, there has never been a more important time to discuss this topic.

The vision of the Global Citizenship Committee is to create a conference that involves the entire campus community (faculty, staff, administrators, and students), as well as the surrounding community, and various organizations in Silicon Valley.  On April 12, Holocaust Remembrance Day, the WVC Campus Center will be converted into a "Learning Space."  Our conference will use speakers, music, video testimonies, art, information tables, exhibits and opportunities for talking and reflecting to engage attendees in our goal to address three key aspects of genocide:

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  • Definition:  How can we historicize and explain why genocides happen?
  • Memory and remembrance:  We explore the impact and legacy of genocide.
  • Taking actionWhat can the global citizen do to help prevent genocide and to foster social justice?

Our motivations are simple:  we seek change to the status quo.  Political, social, economic, and environmental crises have heightened inequity and injustice, and therefore as human beings and global citizens, we need a deeper understanding about why violence occurs, and about what we can do to prevent it.  We need more meaningful global engagement and more urgent commitment to individual social responsibility.  That is part of how we prepare ourselves to live, work, and participate in a democratic society.


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