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Inspired by the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Rwanda, we seek to create a Room of Remembrance where conference attendees can learn about and reflect upon the individual tragedy of genocide by viewing hundreds of victims photos.  Video testimonies of the survivors of genocide will also be streamed online in this room during the conference. 

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Finally, conference attendees will be given with their program the photograph of a genocide victim.  They will then be encouraged to visit the Room of Remembrance where they can read the biography of the individual in that photo.  What do we know about that individual's personal history?  Did they survive?

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In the spirit of collaboration that this conference seeks to inspire, the Global Citizenship Committee is partnering with the WVC Associated Student Government to design and set-up this exhibit.

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Biographies from the Exhibit

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Adolphe Arnold Agathe Uwilingiyimana Gerda Blachmann Henoch Kornfeld Ishi

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Yevnige Salibian Chan Kim Srun Juan Chen Chen Araxia Jebejian

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Jovanka Jovicic Babunovic Nedzd Avdic Guatemalan Rape Survivors Thida Mam Inge Auerbacher

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Portraits of Reconciliation in Rwanda The Massacre at Muganero


A List of Online Survivor Testimonies to be Streamed in the Exhibit


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