Photos of the Event 

Welcome to the Conference  

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Room of Remembrance  

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CHAIM (The California Holocaust Awareness and Action Interactive Museum)   

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Reading of Names 

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Social Justice Fair 

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The Raging Grannies of San Jose 

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In and Around the Conference  

West Valley College Library Cart with a collection of genocide resources.

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The calm before the coming of the storm.

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Students watch the film Shoah.

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Art Show 

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Speaker Series

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WVC President Brad Davis opens the Conference.

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Dr. Norman Naimark of Stanford University speaks on a "World History of Genocide."

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dsc_0075.jpg (73264 bytes) WVC Student Yasmeen Farris speaks on the ongoing genocide in Syria.

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Lou De La Rosa and the WVC Chamber Singers perform "Music of Stilled Voices."

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Genocide Survivors Panel - Jeffery Imas, Hatixhe Grbeshi, Channary Bill (Moderated by Rabbi Philip Ohriner)

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Nils Michaels introduces WVC students who read "Poetry of Survival," poems related to genocide.
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"Children of the Survivors" Panel:  Dr. Mary Papazian, Benjamin Mendelsohn, Dr. Ann Malmuth-Onn (Moderated by Dr. Tim Kelly)

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Dr. Dulce Gray introduces the final speaker...Dr. Champa Patel, Head of the Asia Program of Chatham House, The Royal Institute of International Affairs in London.

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Student Projects

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These projects illustrate the various genocides in world history and were created by West Valley College students..

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Definitions Ancient Genocides Mongol Spanish Conquest California Native American
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California Native American California Native American California Native American California Native American Armenian
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Herero and Namaqua Holodomor Haitian Guatemalan Cambodian
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Indonesian Bangladesh East Timor Rwandan Bosnian
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Darfur Myanmar

Our thanks and deep appreciation to the students from California History (History 20), Introduction to Political Science (Pol 3), International Relations (Pol 4), and Honors World Literature (Eng 6AH)  for their tremendous contribution to the conference through their research, essays, and displays.



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