Poli Sci 1 Homework #1



Nearly all Americans have heard of the Democratic and Republican parties, and most have probably heard of the Libertarian Party and the Green Party.  But did you know that there was also a Constitution Party, a Natural Law Party, and an American Independent Party (among others) that compete for political office?

Go onto Canvas and click on the Campaign '16 link (or click HERE).  You will find there a list of links to learn more about the variety of Political Parties and the past presidential campaign.


Choose the political party you wish to belong to and type a one and a half page doubled spaced essay (1" margins including top and bottom, Times New Roman 12) describing the party's positions and goals regarding economic, domestic/social, and defense policies.  Explain why you are attracted to this party and why you share its goals.  What do you hope to accomplish as a party representative in our Mock Congress over the course of the semester?  (Come up with a specific proposal from your political party that you will advance.)


This assignment is worth a maximum of 50 points which will be awarded on the basis of specificity of the party platform and thoughtfulness of your response to the above questions (this means you need to do the necessary research).

Using Quotes and Plagiarism

I DO want you to use lots of examples from your research, but I DO NOT want you to use any quotes!!!  All examples must be substantially paraphrased in your own words.  It's easy for me to tell whether you are plagiarizing from a political party's web page (and I will Google all sentences that I have suspicions about).  You will receive an "F" on your paper for plagiarism.

PROOFREAD and "spell check" your work as spelling and grammatical errors will affect the overall presentation of your essay - and thus your overall grade.  A paper that is filled with grammatical, punctuation, and/or spelling errors will NOT pass.

GRAMMAR TIPS:  When you name a Political Party (Modern Whig Party, Libertarian Party, etc.), you must use a singular pronoun when referring to it.  Only use a plural pronoun to refer to a plural noun (Democrats, Greens, etc.).  Also, National Committees (i.e., DNC or RNC) are not political parties; rather they are executive committees which run a political party.

Due Date:        Tuesday, September 5

Late Papers

Late Papers are marked down 1/3 of a grade for each day that they are late.  A late paper is defined as one which is not turned in during class time on the date it is due.  (A paper that is turned in on the due date but after class is considered 1 day late; a paper turned in the next day is considered 2 days late; etc.)

Papers that are not typed will NOT be accepted.