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Tim Kelly, Ph.D.
Instructor of History and Poli Sci

West Valley College
14000 Fruitvale Ave
Saratoga, CA  95070
(408) 741-2546

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Course Online Format

Reading Assignments

  • You will have reading assignments each week.  These assignments will be drawn from your textbook, from online documents (links will be provided each week), and from any extra books assigned in the course. 

Online Lectures

  • You will have no more than 2 online lectures per week to read.  Throughout these lectures are hyperlinks in BLUE that will take you to web sites dealing in more detail with the particular topic highlighted.  While it is not required that you click on these hyperlinks, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of all of the resources available with just the click of a mouse.  There are, however, hyperlinks in RED that you ARE required to explore (and these are noted within the lecture themselves).  
  • The online lectures will at times focus more attention on particular topics that you come across in your readings, while quickly skimming over others.  For this reason, it is important that you do the assigned readings before you read the online lecture so that you have a context for the argument I am making.  Otherwise you may find yourself lost.
  • Read the outlines provided on each Week's page to get familiar with the general themes of the lecture.
  • Don't wait until the last minute to read the lectures, and give yourself plenty of time to digest them.  These lectures take one hour and 25 minutes to give in class.  You should allow yourself at least the same amount of time.

Quizzes and Tests

  • You will take weekly quizzes, a midterm, and a final exam.  Quizzes will be multiple choice while the midterm and final exams are both essay format.

Threaded Discussions

  • About every other week (and every week for Summer and Winter terms) a discussion topic will be posted. Click on the Discussions link on the Canvas page and read the topic statement and then post your comments. You may respond to the instructor's statement or any other comment made by other students.  Your discussion grade is based on your level of participation on this list serve.