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abortion.jpg (39174 bytes) Why do a majority of Americans not vote?  Why is it that the winner of the popular vote for President can also be the loser?  Is there really a difference between Democrats and Republicans?  Do we really need 50 state governments if we have a Federal Government?  Why was there a recall election in California?  Don't know much about American politics?  Then welcome to Poli Sci 1! 

Poli Sci 1 covers the structure and functions of the American national state and local governments.  Emphasis is placed on the development of democratic institutions through historical and contemporary studies.  Students will have an opportunity to understand what has shaped the United States Constitution, its amendments, major court interpretations, the operation of and one's role in democratic government.  This course may be used to meet the Social Science I or II requirement in the General Education Pattern for transfer to the California State University system.

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Additional topics this course will explore are the following:

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