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Welcome to History 17B and Poli Sci 1 Online:

Distance Learning could justifiably be called "self-initiative learning" as the responsibility rests with you - the student - to get the work done without the goading that an in-class instructor can provide.  You will have quizzes to help keep you on track, but in the end you must motivate yourself to read the texts and lectures, and to do the necessary web assignments (including participating in discussions) that will help you pass this course. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Don't be shy about asking other questions.  I check my e-mail throughout the day and every day (unless I'm out of town).  If you would prefer to talk to me by phone, you may call my WVC office at (408) 741-2546.  Leave a message if I'm not there and I will call you back as soon as I can.  But it is important that you not halt your work while waiting for a response from me.  Keep on top of the assignments so that you don't fall behind.  Additionally, I can only answer questions about the content of the course.  Tech questions are way out of my league; or as Bones McCoy might say to Captain Kirk, "I'm a Doctor [of history], Jim, not a computer engineer."  Thus, some computer competency is required of you to take this course.

Computer Competency

To successfully navigate this course you should be computer competent in the following:

Beginning the Course

Click here to access West Valley College's web page and click on the Registration link found at the top of the page.  Find the correct section number for this course in the printed schedule of classes or in the online schedule found at the college web site.


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