Lecture Printing Instructions
Lab 1 Anatomical Terminology
Lab 2 Microscopy
Tips for Success
Nervous System Lab 23 Missing pages
Getting Started with Mastering A&P handout
Getting Started with Mastering A&P Powerpoint

Syllabus Quiz Fall 2017
Listen to the following podcast, take notes and complete a 1/2 page personal reflection.
Gastropod Podcast- Hacking Taste
Triilions of Bacteria
Trillions of Bacteria assignment
Breasts & Curves
Breasts & Curves assignment
Blood pathway Homework_ Updated Nov 9

Silent Spring to Silent Night-
    Assignment- Complete 2 page summary of the following presentation. If possible relate to what you have learned about the reproductive system so far

Extra credit assignment- View the movie and complete the corresponding handout
    Discovery Channel Body Story Series- Teen Dreams. Note episode is split into three parts. Watch all three!
       Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

EPA Atrazine comment

Letter of concern

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