Biology 14
California Plants & Animals

Welcome to California Plants & Animals

You are about to begin an exciting and wondrous adventure into the diversity of plants and animals found in California. It will undoubtedly be a journey filled with amazing observations. There will be much to learn with a lot of time, energy and effort expended in this process. For many of you this course will begin building the foundation for your careers in the Biological Sciences. As such, the material will need to be learned, not merely memorized. Learning requires a high level of understanding and will allow you to not only know information but be able to apply your knowledge. The ability to do so will extend the value of this course far beyond the boundaries of your transcript and into your careers and lives. In this syllabus you will find descriptions of what you can expect from this course, from me as your instructor, and perhaps most importantly, what is expected of you. Please read through the following information carefully. Transfer: CSU

Spring 2018 CRN 31046 MW 2:05-5:10pm

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