ES188B UC Santa Cruz
Summer Field; Part 2 R. Lopez

Summer Field Geology: Mono Basin, Long Valley Caldera, High Sierra

Instructor: Dr. Robert Lopez
Offices: TBA
Phone: 408-741-2437
Office Hours
: Fridays 4:00 pm-5:00 pm or by appointment
Course Meets: Fridays via e-mail notice for Spring Quarter; July 8 – August 1, 2002
TAs: Pete Adams –
Greg Stock –
Mimi D’Iorio –

Recommended Texts:
Compton, R.R, 1985, Geology in the Field: John Wiley & Sons.
Sharp, R.P. and Glazner, A.F., 1995, Geology Underfoot in Death Valley and Owens Valley: Mountain Press Publishing Company

Course Web Link
: Look for the Summer Field link on the left side of my instructional web page.
Course Reader
: A detailed course reader will be available the first day of ES188B, July 8th. A series of handouts and reading assignments will be distributed in our Friday Spring meetings. Keep these and save in a binder. You’ll need them during the Summer Field Camp.

Recommended Field Equipment:
Items available from ASC scientific at Go to Geology link.
10X Hastings Triplet
, model # HT-10 ($30.95)
Pick Hammer
, item # ES-22 ($25.95)
Geology Field Book
(probably available from instructors)
The most important items here are the Hastings Triplet and the Field Book

Catalog Description: 188A-B. Senior Field Internship. S A two-course sequence to be taken concurrently. Six weeks of summer field study of geologically complex areas in the eastern Sierra Nevada and the Mono Basin. Activities include geologic field mapping, sample collection, library research, and preparation of a formal written report for each class. Strongly recommended for all seniors. A fee is required for participation. Contact sponsoring agency for details.

Welcome to Summer Field Geology. This is a preliminary syllabus and is aimed at setting a time line and communications link. This course is offered during the Spring 2002 quarter, so we will meet at least once or twice a month to discuss the reading assignments and logistics of travel to the summer field areas. The bulk of the course will meet during the summer session in the Eastern Sierra Nevada, July 8 – August 2.

Assignments: There will be several reading assignments where individuals will answer questions through course web site. Throughout the quarter, I will also assign web assignments pertinent to our field area, California, and general field geology. The bulk of the assignments will occur during the ES188 B session.

Preliminary ES188 B Schedule: Note dates subject to change/ projects may change as well.




July 8

Setup Camp

Plinian Eruption Lecture


July 9

Pyroclastic rocks

Field Trip to Long Valley Caldera – Mammoth Mountain


July 10

Welded Ash Flow Tuffs

Hand Specimen Modal Mineralogy

Field Trip – Owens Gorge, Big Pumice Road Cut, Hot Creek


July 11 – July 15

Aeolian Buttes/Mammoth Mountain Fumarole Vents Mapping and Monitoring Project


July 16

Eastern Sierra Volcanism, Range Front Faults, Hilton Creek Fault, Lecture and Field Trip


July 19

Glaciology Lecture – Field Trip


July 19 – July 25

Mono Basin Field Mapping Exercise


July 26 – July 30

Upper Rock Creek Mapping Exercise: Lecture on Sierra Nevada Batholith, Intrusive Relations, Contact Metamorphism


August 1

Field Projects Due

5:00 pm

August 2

Close Down Camp – Leave for Santa Cruz