Geology 15                                                                                          West Valley College

Geology of California                                                                                  Summer 2000

Robert Lopez

Study Questions: Geologic Structures



Structural Geology:


1)      What is the attitude of geologic structures?


2)      What is the definition of dip?


3)      What is the definition of strike?


4)      What is strike compass bearing and what is azimuth?


5)      Sketch the directions of forces on blocks being deformed by tensional, compressional, and shear stresses.


6)      Define stress and strain.


7)      How do faults and joints differ?


8)      Where is fault gouge or fault breccia found?


9)      What are dip-slip faults and what are strike slip faults?


10)  Illustrate movement on normal, reverse, thrust, and strike-slip faults (be sure to indicate if your sketch is a map or cross-sectional view), and label the hanging and foot walls.  Know the type of stress associated with each.


11)  Illustrate anticlines and synclines in cross section, and label the axial plane.


12)  What is an overturned fold, and how would fold limbs be recognized as overturned?


13)  Sketch the age relations, in map view, of beds (youngest, middle, and oldest) exposed by structural domes and structural basins.


14)  What are blind thrust faults?