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Spring Break Group 2001 at Ubehebe Crater, Death Valley
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Geology 3 (A, B, C, D) is a lecture/lab course worth 2 units. The course covers the natural history of specific regions in California with emphasis on geology and should be taken concurrently with Biology 13. This field geology laboratory sequence illustrates topics covered in course Geology 1A, Geology 1B, Geology 10, and Geology 15 as well as biology courses Biology 10, Biology 12, Biology 14, Biology 24, Biology 42, and Biology 49. This is a field-oriented course and will have nominal instructional meetings per week followed by a six-day field trip/camp. The instructional meetings will serve to introduce the use of topographic and geologic maps in the field as well as background on the specific focus region of the trip. Biology 13 portion of the course will focus on the botany and zoology of the specific regions with emphasis on ecology. Trip locations will differ from summer to summer (Cascade and Modoc Volcanoes; Sierra Nevada Foothills and Yosemite; Lake Tahoe and High Sierra; Eastern Sierra Nevada; San Francisco Bay, Coast Ranges and San Andreas Fault; Los Angeles and Transverse Ranges; Death Valley and Mohave Desert; Peninsula Ranges, Anza Borrego Desert, and Imperial Valley; Baja California Sur, Baja California Norte). This course may be taken multiple times.
A fee will be charged.

For Spring Semester, 2004 Class
The spring semester course will travel during spring break to the Owen's Valley and Death Valley of California. This will be a six-day field trip. We will meet once a week in the lecture room (SM40) up to April 15th. We will have only two meetings after our spring break field trip to prepare poster presentations and present them at our symposium. Please e-mail the instructor (Robert Lopez).

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Related Links and Web Assignments
Below are some Internet links to articles and/or problems we need to complete. Read the articles and be prepared to discuss these in class and also be prepared to take a short quiz on the reading material. I will announce one week in advance when the quiz will take place.


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