Eastern Sierra Nevada Field Trip, Summer 2001!

Exploring Bodie
Devil's Postpile
Devil's Postpile
Roof Pendants-Convict Lake
Mammoth Mtn.
Julia on Mammoth Mtn.
North Coulee
Mono Craters (Domes)
Owens Gorge
Panum Crater
Tufa Towers
Jesse and Bobby on Gondola Ride
Jesse and Julia in Bodie
Welcome to the Eastern Sierra.
Where is the Eastern Sierra? I define it as part of the Basin and Range province east of Yosemite National Park, south of the Bridgeport area and Conway Summit, west of the White Mountains, and north of Bishop, California. The Eastern Sierra Nevada includes the Mono Basin, Mono Lake, Mono Craters, Aeolian Buttes, June Lake, Long Valley Caldera, Inyo Domes and Craters, Mammoth Mountain, the Volcanic Tablelands, and Owens Gorge.

See the USGS Map of Long Valley Caldera Region - Click Here
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