Health Education 012 - "Stress Management" Online Course
Fall 2012 - H.ED 012
West Valley College
Instructor: Patricia Louderback
Health Education Instructor / Program Chair
B.S. - Health Science
M.P.H. - Master in Public Health Education
C.H.E.S. - Certified Health Education Specialist
Office Telephone: (408) 741-4604

Welcome to H.ED 12 On-Line "Stress Management" Fall 2012
This document contains the following Information:
Course Description
Is Taking an On-line Course Right for You?
Prerequisites for On-line courses including Technology Requirements
REQUIRED textbook for this course
HOW TO LOG-IN TO the "angel" Program
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Course Description
This course meets on-line only and there are no on-campus orientations or meetings. The course will survey the nature of stress, how the body reacts on a physiological level, the various stress hormones, and the relationship of the stress reaction to specific health issues and chronic health conditions.  We will then explore positive ways of coping with stress and focus on cognitive reappraisal of daily life stressors. Managing stress involves a combination of understanding the physiology of stress, the health concerns and implications of stress, the different types of stress and stress triggers, and the various strategies to manage stress in a healthful manner. Students will also be introduced to the history of the study of Stress Management, the pioneer researchers in the study of stress, as well as the latest research in the field.
This course is transferable to CSU, and 4 year Universities, and is degree and general education applicable.  Please note that On-line courses are equivalent to traditional lecture based courses.
What to expect with an On-line Course:   All lessons, assignments, exams, etc. will be completed via a program called ANGEL.  Students enrolled in this course have free access to the ANGEL program and it can be accessed from any computer that is hooked up to the Internet.  In order to successfully complete this course, you should plan your schedule very carefully and try to stick to it.
Be sure to review the links below listed under "How do you know if taking On-line courses are right for you?" and "Additional considerations for On-line courses."

Is taking an On-line course right for you?

IMPORTANT: To determine if on-line learning is right for you, review the following 3 items:

"Are Distance Learning Courses Right for You?" Click here to assess your readiness to take an on-line course.   This will help you determine if distance learning is right for you. 
"How to Succeed in an On-line Course?" Click here to read about how to succeed in distance learning courses.  

Other resources to review to determine in on-line courses are right for you.  Click here. 

Important Prerequisites for On-line courses, including Technology Requirements: Very Important

#1: Students must have computer skills to take on-line courses. This includes being proficient in being able to navigate computer programs, use the internet, save document files, and send and receive e-mail.  If you have not mastered these skill, you may want to consider taking a computer class prior to taking an on-line course or have someone assist you in learning these skills. 

#2: Students must have the skills of college level reading, college level writing, and students must have the mastery of test taking skills.  Study skills are also important because on-line students must study independently, follow the on-line assignments, and read the accompanying textbooks.  If you have difficulty in any of these areas you may want to consider looking into the variety of 'basic skills" courses offered here at West Valley College (Study Skills, Reading Comprehension, Basic Writing, College Success Skills, etc.). 

#3 Students must have a reliable computer and reliable on-line internet access.

"Browser Issues and Hardware Requirements." Click here to read about the Browser and Hardware Requirements for this course. 

REQUIRED textbook for this course

Review the information on the required textbook carefully.  Obtain the required textbook that is listed on the following link

Required Materials Information as PDF Document

Required Materials Information as a Word Document

HOW TO START THE Fall 2012 COURSE (must be officially registered in the class to have access to the course)

This on-line course is run through the West Valley College "ANGEL" program.  Enrolled students have access to the course on "ANGEL" starting on the first day of the semester. 

Students are  responsible for logging in to the ANGEL program during the first few days of the semester and starting the course.  E-mail reminders are not sent.  It is the student's responsibility to do this. 

  • The Fall  2012 session starts on Monday, August 27, 2012.  This course follow the regular 15-week (plus Final Exam Week) semester schedule and is NOT a self-paced course where students can complete the course at their own pace. 

 Please note:  It is the students responsibility to log in to the ANGEL program during the first few days of the semester and start the course. 

The instructions for logging into the ANGEL program are explained below. 

HOW TO LOG-IN TO the "angel" Program (this course is run through the West Valley College "ANGEL" program)

Read carefully

Enrolled students will not have access to the course until the first day of the semester (Mon, August 27, 2012).

Your login username is:

  • All seven digits of your student ID number (this is not your social security number).

Your student ID number is generated by the computer at the college after you apply for admission for the first time.  This number is included in all of the paperwork you may have received from the college.  If you have not applied for admission to the college yet, you must do so first before you may receive your student ID number.

Your password is:

  • Your six digit birth date.  It is reset to your six digit birth date at the start of every semester.  You can change it once you log in. 
  • So if you were born on December 14, 1980, your password would be 121480
  • Single digits must have a 0 in front of them
  • So if you were born on May 9, 1977, your password would be 050977

Link to log-in to Course:

having problems logging on to Angel?  Could this be the problem?

  • There may be a problem with the seven digit student ID number or birth date that you are using. Please contact the the college Admissions and Records office (408-741-2001).
  • You may be trying to log-in to the course before the first day of the semester.  Enrolled students do not have access until Mon, August 27, 2012.
  • You may have added the course after it started.  There is a 24-hour delay from when you officially "ADD" a course to when you have access to the course on ANGEL. 

For further assistance with log-in problems:  Please contact either Lisa Kaaz or Max Gault

Lisa Kaaz - Distance Learning Coordinator
tel: 408-741-4615
Max Gault - Instructional Technologist
(408) 741-2627


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