West Valley College

Dr. Gabriele May

German 1B

Office Hours: 7:30 - 8:30 daily in the teacher workroom in

Language Arts Building or after class/in the Cafeteria/ or by appt.

Office Phone: 741-2045 ext.# 3567

E-mail: gabymay@aol.com

Objectives: Further introduction into German with

development of speaking, reading and writing skills. (see class


Textbooks: Wie geht's? Dieter Sevin. 5th edition.

Wie geht's? Lab Book

Useful: Stack of 3X5s

Prerequisite: German 1A or 2 yrs high school

Grading: Chapter tests ( 6) and

Review-Midterm 50%

Misc.: participation


vocab. quizzes 30%

Final Exam 20%

Grades: 100%-90%=A etc.

We will approximately cover Kapitel 7 till 14. There will be videos

dealing with cultural aspects on Fridays unless we need to catch up

on grammar, vocabulary etc.

The Lab book is for work in the Lab and at home. Frau Pomposo will

help you with your lab responsibilities. Please go to her with your

questions regarding the lab assignments.

Excessive absence and tardiness result in lower achievement!

Tests will be given when we are finished with a chapter, vocabulary

quizzes on alternate Fridays. There are no make-up tests. If you are

unable to come please inform me and I will make special

arrangements for you. Review and study continuously, learn the new

material and take every opportunity to speak German. Enjoy the

language and the culture.