west valley college logo KARATE P.E. 6.02 , 6.06 West Valley College
Instructor: McCann
Office: PE 1R
Phone: 408.741.4005

Course Description:

This course is designed to introduce the student to the skills and philosophies of Shotokan karate.  The course will include the traditions, customs, philosophies and techniques employed by the traditional Okinawan/Japanese martial art system of Shotokan karate.  Techniques of Aikido, Judo, and Jujitsu will also be presented.

Course Objectives:
Upon successful completion of course requirements students will:
Course Content:

Supplies Recommended: Belt Promotions:
Students are eligible for belt promotions at the end of each session.  The belt test is optional and not included in student grade or course evaluations.


Letter Grade or Credit/No (CR/NC) Credit Option

Written exam on terminology and history - 10 pts
Practical (skills evaluation) final exam - 50 pts
Participation - 80 pts
Outside Project - 10 pts
(self-defense demonstration, seminar or tournament attendance or a reading/research project)
TOTAL - 150 pts

A = 135 150 points
B = 120 134 points
C = 100 119 points
D = 80 99 points
F = below 80 points
Credit = 100 150 points
No Credit = below 100 points


It is expected that the student will attend all or most of the training sessions.  New skills are constantly being learned.  Learned skills build onto new skills and a gradual progression is formed.  A period of missed sessions will hinder the ability to develop the necessary skills for advancement.  Communicate any problems of an anticipated missed period of training sessions with the instructor.  You will be automatically dropped after a series of 4 missed sessions.

Required Text(s):

McCann, Steve.  Karate Everyone.  Salem, North Carolina