FD32, History of Fashion

Syllabus, Spring 2003


Instructor: Ms. McCown                                  Class meets: Tuesday, 6:00 – 9:10pm

Voice mail: (408)741-2045 ext. 3675               Room: ILC

Email: westvalleyfashionhistory@hotmail.com

Office hours: by appt. only, 5:30 – 6:00pm

Office: ILC

Units: 3, Grade or Credit/No Credit Option


CATALOG DESCRIPTION: This course covers the historic development of Western fashion and costumes, with an emphasis on styles from 1660 to the present. The affect of an historical period on the clothing of the time is explored with an emphasis on the relationship between past eras and today’s fashions. Students will study the careers of 20th century designers and their contributions to the field of fashion.


COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Understand and identify the general styles of clothing in all historical periods
  2. Relate those styles to contemporary designs
  3. Comprehensively study the fashion and designers of the 20th century
  4. Understand how social, economic, and artistic movements influence fashion
  5. Become familiar with the design elements and design analysis by discussing both historical and contemporary examples



Survey of Historic Costume, 3rd edition, by Phyllis Tortora and Keith Eubank



This course meets for 3 lecture hours a week, college policy requires a minimum of 2 hours of outside work for every hour of lecture.

LATE WORK- Late work is not accepted for credit unless you have contacted the instructor. IF you have notified the instructor that the assignment is going to be late, the grade will be decreased 20%. You may email assignments if you are unable to attend class. Emailed assignments will still be marked down if they are sent late.


ATTENDANCE: You are expected to attend each class and to arrive on time. Attendance will be taken each class period.

            LATE ARRIVAL: Tests and quizzes are given at the beginning of class, late arrival will have a negative impact on your grade. However it is better to come late than not at all


QUIZZES AND EXAMS: There are three tests scheduled on the course outline. There will also be a variety of unannounced pop quizzes. Neither tests nor quizzes can be made up if missed. As per College policy, final exams may not be given early for any reason.


PARTICIPATION: Participation in class activities will be considered when determining your final grade. Students are expected to participate in class discussions and group activities.



How you will be evaluated for your grade:


Class participation                                                                      50

Midterm #1                                                                              100

Midterm #2                                                                              100

Final                                                                                         100

Quizzes                                                                                      50

Fashion Designer Research Paper & Presentation                        50

Film Costume Critique                                                    50

Historically Inspired Modern Fashion                             50

TOTAL                                                                                    550


Determination of the Final Grade:

90%+ = A

80%+ = B

70%+ = C

60%+ = D

less than 60% = F


STUDENT CONDUCT: Cheating, plagiarism, or knowingly furnishing false information are causes of disciplinary action by the College and will result in a failing grade for this course.

(School Policy


COURTESY: Out of courtesy to others, you are expected to turn off your cell phone when you enter the classroom. Cell phones may not be used during class for any reason.


EMERGENCIES: In the case of fire, earthquake, bomb threat or other emergency evacuation, students are to exit this building and meet in the parking lot. I will meet you there and take roll, after which you may leave. DO NOT leave campus without checking in with me. This is a safety issue so that rescue personnel know how many people are left in the building. Don’t put their lives at risk by leaving without telling me.


SUPPORT SERVICES: A variety of support services exist on the WVC campus to assist students who need career counseling, academic help, financial aid, tutoring or who are in educational transition or who have physical, emotional or learning disabilities. Check with the Career Program Center in AAS 35 or consult your class schedule for a list of telephone numbers.



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