Required Materials For Laboratory Class

Purchase Lab Manual

Textbook:  The WVC Astronomy Lab Book is available for purchase on-line.  Click on the link to the right to purchase your lab manual.  It will be delivered to you in class.

There are a number of class related materials you will need for this course. With the exception of the star wheel, which is available at the Campus Book Store, you may pick up these items at Longs Drugs, Wallgreens, K-Mart, etc. Basic scientific calculators are less than $20. You do not need a graphing calculator for this class. It just needs to be able to handle scientific notation and calculate log

Colored Pencils         Protractor

Drawing Compass     Scientific Calculator

Metric Ruler              Pencil & Pen

Star Wheel (Planisphere) 

These are REQUIRED MATERIALS! Having these materials on hand insures that you can complete the lab assignments within the allotted time period.  You must have them with you for every class.  If you don’t have them, this will be reflected in a lower laboratory score.