Art 33A Syllabus

Course Aim: To develop your visual design skills and awareness.

The class will simultaneously cover design foundations and design software programs, specifically Adobe programs. This is an introductory course in two-dimensional design principles and theory. In class you will be introduced to the basic concepts of visual awareness— line, shape, space, pattern, texture and basic color theory. You will explore design principles using both the computer and traditional art materials.

The class will also cover how to use some peripheral devices such as zip drives and scanners. Other software may be introduced.

Course Content:
– Defining elements of visual images in art/design terminology.
– Art history that is pertinent to the understanding of art theory and visual elements discussed in class.
– Class critiques of assignments.
– How to use the Macintosh
– How to use Adobe software as it relates to class projects
– How to mix colors

Grading will be based on: regular timely attendance, class participation, and assignments. 80% of your grade is the accumulation of grades earned on projects divided by the number of projects done. Assignments turned in late will lose a full grade of their point value. Assignments more than one class meeting late may not be accepted. Assignments not turned in will receive an F. Students may redo and resubmit any project for re-evaluation.

Class attendance and participation 20% of grade.

A=100-90, B=89-80, C=79-70, D=69-60

Please feel free to contact the instructor with any questions or problems. Instructor will be available 1/2 hour before and after class

All lectures and project demonstrations take place at the beginning of the class period and will not be repeated. When you are absent or late it is your responsibility to get the missed work from a classmate.

Assignments must be done in the classroom during the hours shown in the class schedule. There will be at least two hours of additional time each week needed to complete assignments.

– Art Materials (see separate handout)
– You will need to have a zip disk to bring your assignments into class and save copies for yourself.
– You need to sign up at the computer lab (student id card is necessary). The lab has 100mb zip drives.
– Back up everything, at every stage of development! Lost files are not excused

Attendance policy
–Excessive lateness will cause your grade to be lowered
–You are allowed no more than three absences during the semester

–Technical skill using computer and traditional materials
–Application of the skills and principles of design which apply to this course
–Clarity of concepts as expressed in your work
–Neat and carefully thought out assignments
–Degree of growth or improvement in all aspects of your work

General assignments
Compositional studies, values studies using collage, analyzing values in gray painted images, introduction to color
theory and basic color development studies.

The student is expected to produce original, independent design work for each assignment.

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