LS943A,B Writing Support Labs for English 1A and 1B



Instructor: Cheryl Miller

Phone: Cheryl: (408) 741-2620


Office Location: Room 4A Disability and Educational Support Program (LS Building)


Required Course Materials: To be brought to each support class meeting:

Mainstream English course green sheet, syllabus, assignment sheets

Textbook(s) from mainstream English class

Assignments, papers, tests returned to you from your English course

Flash drive or e-mail account information to save work done in computer lab


Course Description: This course is designed to support you in your mainstream English course. Each class meeting will focus on discussion of readings and/or written assignments from your mainstream English course. Periodically, lectures will be given on various topics such as MLA guidelines or identification and correction of run ons. In addition, one-on-one discussion about an essay to be turned in to your mainstream English instructor may also be accomplished. Students desiring additional help may meet with me during an office hour.


Grading: Credit/No Credit. Credit is based on:

  1. class attendance (students are expected to be on time and attend every class meeting; please notify the instructor in case of absence due to illness, etc.)
  2. Participation: Participation is measured by your "readiness" for class; it is essential that you come prepared with your English textbooks, assignment handouts, drafts of your papers and graded papers/tests
  • Students must attend at least 21 class meetings by semester’s end.