LS 060A Assessment of Communication Skills

Students who enroll in this class meet with a Speech and Language Specialist one-on-one for evaluation of their speech and language skills.

Reasons for enrollment in this class may include:

___Difficulty remembering information

___Difficulty following instructions

___Difficulty understanding conversation, lecture material

___Difficulty organizing and integrating thoughts so that you may have trouble with setting

up a schedule of things you need to do, organizing homework or other work to be

done, or organizing lecture material or information read from a text book

___Weakness in vocabulary skills

___Difficulty with (verbal) abstract thinking

___Word finding problems

___Difficulty with writing

___Difficulty with oral expression

___Speech production problems such as stuttering, voice, articulation, dysarthria, apraxia

___Difficulty participating in conversation or class discussion

___Difficulty reading

Please call Cheryl Miller at (408) 741-2620 if you have any questions.