Effective Communication Skills LS972


Instructor: Cheryl Miller

Phone: (408) 741-2620

e-mail: cheryl_miller@westvalley.edu

Class Location: Disability and Educational Support (LS) Building

Course Description: This is a basic communication course designed to meet the educational needs of students with acquired speech and language disabilities. It stresses the practical application of strategies to compensate for expressive and receptive language problems including, articulation, word finding, auditory comprehension and verbal expression difficulties.

My Goals:













Grading: Credit/No Credit Credit is based on

  1. class attendance (students are expected to be on time and attend every class meeting; please notify the instructor in case of absence due to illness, etc.)
  2. completion of assignments and class participation
  • Total Points Possible: 100

    Attendance: 50 points

    Homework Assignments: 50 points

  • Course Outline:

    LS 971 Course Outline

    I. Word Retrieval Strategies

    A. Definitions

    B. Circumlocution.

    C. Antonyms/synonyms

    D. Associated Words

    II. Comprehension Strategies

    A. Use of facial and contextual cues.

    B. Requests for clarification

    C. Comprehension exercises for more functional language (directions, specific vocabulary) through more abstract language (categorization, analogies, idioms) at short sentence through paragraph levels.

    III. Articulation Strategies

  • A. Overarticulation

    B. Modification of rate of speech.

    C. Pacing

    D. Articulation exercises for specific phonemes.

  • IV. Expressive Language Strategies

  • A. Key words

    B. Telegraphic speech.

      1. Communication of ideas using pictures/writing.
      2. Communication of ideas using gestures.