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Biology 10 Lab - Online Resources
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Text Book

Biology -
Web page supporting the Biology text book by Sylvia S. Mader (10th edition)

West Valley College Library

WVC Library - the West Valley College library has additional print and electronic resources.

For access to online journal articles select the "Find Articles" button. Use ProQuest for access to articles in scholarly journals. Note: the "Well Connected" and "PubMed" databases are more appropriate for access to general information, these are NOT scholarly journal sources.

For help with research select the "Research Guides" button.


  Cellular Metabolism

  1. Glycolysis:
  2. TriCarboxylic Acid Cycle (TCA):
  3. Electron Transport System:


  1. Light Dependent Reactions:
  2. Light Independent Reactions:
  3. the Photosynthesis Song:

  Cell Division

  1. Mitosis (version 1):
  2. Mitosis (version 2):
  3. Meisosis (version 1):
  4. Meosis (version 2):

  Membrane Transport

  1. Passive & Active Transport:
  2. Diffusion & Osmosis:

  Cell Structure

  1. Eukaryotic Cell Structure:
  2. Plasma Membrane:
  3. Tour of the Cell:
  4. Interesting Animation:

  DNA: Structure and Function

You should also refer to the departmental biology 10 resources page:

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