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  Note: Biology 46 is not being offered at this time.
  Welcome to Biology 46 - Anatomy and Physiology (5 units)

Lecture 3 hours; lab 6 hours
Prerequisite: Completion of a College biology course or High school biology.
Recommended preparation: Math 102
Acceptable for credit: University of California, California State University

A survey of human anatomy and physiology to understand the correlation of structure and function of the systems of the human body. Laboratory work will consist of animal dissection, cadaver material, microscopic work, experimentation and demonstration of materials to supplement the lectures. Designed for the liberal arts student, those planning careers in education, psychology, and the social sciences.

  DO NOT miss the first day of class! Enrolled students who fail to attend the first days of class may be dropped to make room for students trying to add.

Things to do to get a head start:

  1. Read over the Syllabus (green sheet) before coming to class.
  2. Read over the Lab Safety Sheet.
  3. Purchase your books (see below for purchasing options) and start reading (see the syllabus for required books and reading assignments). Copies of the text and lab manual are also available at the reserve desk in the library.

Note: all of the above documents are available for download in pdf format from the "Downloads" page of this website.


Student Resources on Campus
As a registered student you have a host of resources on campus that are available to you, many free of charge. The following is a partial list (for a complete list please refer to the college catalogue or the student services section of the college web page).

Admissions and Records General Support Services Campus Facilities
Application for admission Counseling Center Bookstore
WVC Portal (registration) Health Services Library
  Financial Aid  
Academic Support Services  
Tutorial Services  
Disability & Educational Support Program (DESP)  
Educational Transition (ET) for Women and Men  
Extended opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)  
  Purchasing Course Books:
Several options are available to you.
  • West Valley Campus Bookstore: You can Purchase all of the books listed in the greensheet directly from the bookstore located on West Valley campus. The bookstore also provides an online service in case you do not want to go there in person (WVC bookstore). You can reserve the books to pick them up later or make arrangements for home delivery. Note: bookstore profits help fund the campus center - purchasing your books from the campus bookstore will help support the campus center.
  • Ordering online (new or used): I am aware that book prices can pose a problem. If book prices are out of your budget there may be alternatives to buying new copies. One option to save money is to order books online from discount suppliers. The down side is that it can take several days, or possibly weeks, for your books to arrive depending on the vendor, and you will need the "required books" on the first day of class. Consequently, unless you have ordered your books several weeks in advance, this option may better serve you for the purchase of the "optional books" listed in your syllabus.  The following online vendors may prove to be good resources:  
  • Other Local Bookstores: A less commonly successful but useful alternate is to search the local new and used bookstores in the area (including other campus bookstores) for the books you need. I have periodically found useful resource books at a significant discount at used bookstores.

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