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General Course Documents (return to top of page)

Document Title  Download  Notes:
Note: save paper and money, print only if needed & on the back of pre-used sheets of paper
Course Syllabus - Full Version (with schedules)  
Laboratory Safety  
Syllabus Quiz (access on the courses Angel website) due by: Tue Feb 16th
Student Information (provided as a handout in class) handout due by: Tue Feb 16th
Time Management FYI
Keep track of your scores and estimate your grade FYI
Campus Map - find your way around the Science building web  
Article: Gestational Exposure to Organic Solvents FYI

Lecture Materials (*lecture slides are password protected) (return to top of page)
Note: materials provided here are updated throughout the course of the semester. To avoid downloading and printing an out of date version wait to download as needed.

Lecture Outlines (not in order) Download Lecture Outlines   Download Slides*
Note: save paper, print only if needed & on the back of pre-used sheets of paper
LOL - Intro / Terms doc  
LOL - Cytology doc    
LOL - Integument doc    
LOL - Bone Structure doc    
LOL - Articulations doc    
LOL - Muscle System (supplement: muscle spindle) doc  
LOL - Nervous System (supplement: detailed reading list) doc  
LOL - Sensory System (supplements: proprioceptors, ear) doc    
LOL - Digestive System doc    
LOL - Endocrine System doc    
LOL - Respiratory System doc    
LOL - Reproductive System (supplement: ovary) doc    
LOL - Urinary System doc    
LOL - Cardiovascular System doc    

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