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General Information (return to top of page)

  1. Article (pdf): Pregnancy Outcome Following Gestational Exposure to Organic Solvents
  2. Memory Aids (mnemonics)

Anatomy Web Sites (return to top of page)

General Anatomy

    Produced by McGraw Hill publishers. Provides a simple review of several body systems - particularly good for review of the muscles and histology.
  2. Lumen - Learn 'Em
  3. Human Anatomy Online - index

Cytology & Histology

  1. Cells Alive!
  2. Digital Atlas of Histology
  3. LUMEN - Histology

Nervous System

  1. Digital Anatomist
  2. Brain Images^Frame+2
  3. Fun with Cranial Nerves

Applications (return to top of page)

The availability of anatomy applications that allow you to rotate, fade and zoom in on structures in 3D has improved dramatically in recent years. There are many available. The links below are for 2 of the companies that have produced several well regarded applications (for mulrtiople platforms including iPhone, iPad & Mac OS) that have impressed me. Caution: I have not personally evaluated all of these applications.

Essential Anatomy (software). Visit the "3D4Medical" website by following the link below to learn more:

Visible Body: 3D Human Anatomy (software). Visit the "Visible Body" website by following the link below to learn more:

Interesting Web Sites (return to top of page)

  1. Radiographic Anatomy of the Skeleton
  2. Cow Eye Dissection
  3. The Visible Human Project
  4. Why Can't We Walk Straight

Animations (return to top of page)

  1. Pinky and the Brain - "Brainstem"
  2. The Brain as explained by John Cleese