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West Valley College Library

WVC Library- the West Valley College library has additional print and electronic resources.

For access to online journal articles select the "Find Articles (Databases)" button. Use Academic Search Premier for access to articles in scholarly journals. Note: the "PubMed" and "Access Science" databases listed under Science, Health and Medicine are more appropriate for access to general information, these are NOT scholarly journal sources.

For help with research select the "Research Guides" button.


Membrane Transport

  1. Diffusion:
  2. Osmosis:
  3. Active Transport:>
  4. Bulk Transport:

Cellular Metabolism

  1. General Overview:
  2. Glycolysis:
  3. TriCarboxylic Acid Cycle (TCA):
  4. Electron Transport System 1:
  5. Electron Transport System 2:

Cellular Signalling

  1. How G-Protein Coupled Receptors work:
  2. Indirect Receptor Channel:
  3. Second Messenger - cAMP (brief):
  4. Second Messenger - cAMP (more detailed):
  5. Second Messenger - IP3:

Muscle Physiology

  1. Power Stroke:
  2. Neuromuscular Junction (1):
  3. Neuromuscular Juinction (2):
  4. Excitation Contraction Coupling 1:
  5. Excitation Contracvtion Coupling 2:


  1. Neural Transmission:
  2. Action Potential:
  3. Na-K Pump:
  4. Chemical Synapse:
  5. Indirect Receptor-channel Synapse:

Sensory Physiology

  1. Vision Crash Course:
  2. How the Eye works #1:
  3. How the Eye works #2:
  4. How the Eye works #3:
  5. Lens Accommodation (lens shape change):
  6. Optical Illusions:
  7. The Shark Stereogram:
  8. Simple Color Blindness Test:
  9. Nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatism:
  10. How the Ear works #1:
  11. How the Ear works #2:
  12. How the Ear works #3:
  13. How the Ear works #4:
  14. How the Cochlea works:
  15. The Organ of Corti:
  16. Hearing Crash Course:

Cardiorespiratory Physiology

  1. Cardiac Cycle:
  2. Cardiac Cycle GIF:
  3. Cardiac Excitation & Contrtaction:

Lab Videos (not listed above)

  1. Post-Rotational Nystagmus:
  2. Babinski Reflex in Newborn:
  3. Semicircular Canals Fluid Flow Demo:
  4. Spacial Disorientation (vestibular reflex):
  5. FAA Spatial Disorientation in Flight Part 1 - Vestibular Illusions (17 minutes):
  6. FAA Spatial Disorientation in FlightPart 2 - Visual Illusions (16 minutes):

Interesting & Humorous Videos

  1. Dumb ways to Die -
  2. Why Can't We Walk Straight -

Search Engines

Public library of Science (PLOS) -
Public Library of Science

Google -
Search the web

Google Scholar -
Search through journal articles, abstracts and other scholarly literature (beta version)

Medline -
Search this comprehensive source of life sciences and biomedical bibliographic information

Melvyl -
The catalogue of the University of California libraries.

Journal Sites

Many Journals are now available online - current articles may be available as titles or abstracts while articles a year or older may be available in full text format. The following links lead to some key physiological journals available online. Note: some publishers charge a fee to read and print articles. Do not pay for the article, use ProQuest (see above) or go to a local university or hospital library instead.

American Physiological Society -

  1. Journal of Applied Physiology,
  2. Journal of Neurophysiology,
  3. News in Physiological Sciences,
  4. Physiological Reviews,
  5. Physiological Genomics,
  6. Advances in Physiology Education,
  7. American Journal of Physiology

American Journal of Physiology -

  1. AJP - Cell Physiology
  2. AJP - Endocrinology and Metabolism
  3. AJP - Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology
  4. AJP - Heart and Circulatory Physiology
  5. AJP - Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology
  6. AJP - Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology
  7. AJP - Renal Physiology

Rockefeller University Press -

  1. Journal of General Physiology
  2. Journal of Cell Biology
  3. Journal of Experimental Medicine

Journal of Physiology -

New England Journal of Medicine -

JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) -

National Academies Press -

Nature -

Annual Reviews -

  1. Annual Review of Physiology
  2. Annual Review of Pharmacology
  3. Annual Review of Immunology
  4. Annual Review of Medicine
  5. Annual Review of Neuroscience
  6. Annual Review of Nutrition
  7. Annual Review of Pathology