You may increase your score on the last exam by re-doing answers you got wrong. Not only is this a chance to raise your grade, but it is a chance to increase your mastery of the material and hone your study skills for future exams.


1.    For short answer questions, write out the correct answer. Think before writing. Points will be given for correct answers, not for ones that simply take up a lot of space.

2.    For very short answer questions (example: Question 2) you must provide an explanation as to why the answer is correct.

3.    For multiple choice questions

a.    Write a short explanation as to why the correct answer was correct.

b.    Write a short explanation as to why the wrong answer you chose was wrong.

c.    If you had left the question blank, complete (a.) and (b.) picking one of the alternate responses to explain for (b.)

4.    You must turn in your original exam with any corrections.

5.    All work must be your own.

6.    A small number of questions will not be eligible for added credit. These include question 1a. (if the corrected answer was written on your test), question 26, and question 31.

7.    You can gain a maximum of 50% of the points for questions you got wrong or left blank when you took the exam.

8.    Corrected exams must be turned in by the last day of class.