"Stop Surfing -- Start Researching"

A one unit course offered entirely on-line as LIBR 6 or CA74

Login at wvmccd.angellearning.com when the course starts.

This class meets the requirement as an Information Competency infused course.

Course Information:

Spring 2011 - Online: 4/20/11 - 5/23/11 

LIBR 6 Section #93552 - Waitlisted 

CA 74 Section #92990 - Waitlisted

(The combined limit for both sections is 40, so it may look like there are seats available in one section when the combined class is actually full.
Just add yourself to the list--I can't give you an add code until the class starts.)

Instructor: Bill Proudfoot
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This course is designed to take you from being a web surfer to being an effective user of the Internet and World Wide Web. It is offered over the Internet with no on-campus meetings required.

Ever do a search and discover that 1,500,000 pages match your search? Or none match? Or the pages the search engine say match...don't? Then this is the course for you!

Take your web searching skills from average to guru level. Learn to access the 70% of the web that a search engine ignores. Learn to find what you need quickly and to choose the highest quality material from your results. Practice planning, executing, evaluating, and documenting a successful search for information.

If you have Internet access and the discipline to complete a course without the classroom meetings, you should consider this option.

Questions students frequently ask me:
So, what's the schedule?
You will have online lectures, assignments, and quizzes, all with well publicized due dates. You can work on them any time that works for you, 24 hours a day.
What computer and software do I need?
You need an Internet connection and a web browser. I prefer that you use Firefox, but any modern browser should work. Check here for information on which browsers work best.
Do I have to be a computer wizard?
What if I don't have a computer?
We have computer labs on campus which you can use for your course work. More information.
Can I take the class from my work place?
First, that depends on your boss. Second, unless you have an office where you can close the door and hang a "do not disturb" sign, I don't recommend it. It's too easy for people to assume you are "at work" and interrupt you. You need concentration to get good at research.
How much time will this take?
Plan on about 6-8 hours a week for the 5 weeks of the course. Remember that 1 unit taken in 1/3 of a semester is the same amount of work per week as a 3 unit course over an entire semester. That's typical for a one-unit academic course. (However, if you are enjoying yourself you may lose track of time, and then it's anybody's guess.)
Is there a textbook?
No, everything will be online.
Is this easier than taking the course in a classroom?
Nope. (You can't sit in the back row and hope someone else answers!)
What if I don't understand something.
The lesson framework provides for communication between the student and instructor throughout the course. I'll be asking you questions and you can ask me questions. I will also provide office hours so you can call me if you wish.
Yeah, but when will I get an answer?
I'll plan to answer mail every day, Monday through Friday.
How do I turn in homework?
The lessons, assignments, quizzes, and communication all occur within the framework of the course web pages. You will turn in your assignments, ask questions, or make comments by filling in a form on the web page.
Does this cover the same material to the same depth as the on-campus course?
They are the same. Each section differs a bit depending on the interests of the students, just as on-campus sections do, but the course objectives are the same. (And, an on-campus section is not being offered this semester.)
I'm not sure I'm the right type to take an on-line course.
This is the right time to be concerned! Taking a course without the outside discipline of having to show up in class with the homework done is tough for many people. However, the freedom of NOT having to show up at a particular time makes it work for those who can provide the discipline themselves.
So, what does it take to be a successful on-line student?
Believe it or not, a schedule! If you are going to be successful you need a planned time and place to work, regardless of what you would rather be doing. It's just like going to class, except that you get to pick the time and place. If you show up "on time" for every session you schedule with yourself, you will give yourself every chance to succeed.
Ok, I'm ready to sign up -- what do I do next?
Conveniently, it's all on-line:
1. If you are not already a West Valley College student, you need to fill out an Application.
2. Once you are enrolled, you can register for the course.
3. On the day the course starts, connect to the course web page, login and get started.
Login? What's my user ID? My password?
If you have any problem with the login, check here for help.

Bill Proudfoot

3 March 2011