Welcome to Abnormal Psychology

This course is conducted on-campus for all lectures and exams. Some online supplemental materials and videos will be available via the Internet through the Angel course management system.

If you do not have computer access at home, accomodations will be made available whenever possible. I have many students each term without computer access, and it is easy for me to accomodate them. Just be sure to talk to me in class if you need assistance. I am also available to meet with any student, either online or at the West Valley campus, at any time during the term to answer questions or assist in studying. Please note: the final exam is NOT comprehensive for this, or any, of the instructor's courses.

In order to successfully complete this course, you should plan your schedule very carefully and try to stick to it. Look carefully at your work schedule, school schedule, and family obligations and allow plenty of time for each. Based upon District estimates, an on-campus course that meets two times a week will take a minimum of four hours of additional preparation per week.

You are expected to communicate with your instructor and other classmates about specific assignments. When taking a course, either on-campus or partially online, you must take the initiative to ask your instructor questions if you do not understand the material.

What Do I Do First?

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Required books (all terms):

Comer, Ronald J. (2014) Abnormal Psychology (8th Edition) ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-3719-8 Available in either an ebook OR a traditional textbook version, whichever you prefer.

Dully, H., & Fleming, C. (2008) My Lobotomy ISBN-13: 9780307381279 (a fast read)

**Students must have the required books by the second day of class. They are available at the WVC bookstore. If you choose to obtain books elsewhere, you must have them by the aforementioned timeframe.

Beginning the Course

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Note: You will not be able to access the course before the official start date as listed in the schedule of classes.


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Enrolling in this Course

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